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Seattle Mariners trying to take some pressure off Milton Bradley

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milton-bradley.JPGIn what is becoming an annual rite of spring, outfielder Milton Bradley has had his first in-season sit-down chat with his manager after an on-field incident.

Seattle Mariners skipper Don Wakamatsu said he sat Bradely down Monday for a talk -- three days after he flipped the bird to jeering fans in Texas.

"He opened up and talked about the pressure. We talked a lot about relying on us to alleviate some of that and [how] he doesn't have to carry this club by himself," Wakamatsu said.

Bradley's response?

"He responded to it and was open," the manager said, adding Bradley was "remorseful" over the incident.

Bradley's troubles as a Cub last season have been written about over and over again, so we won't rehash all the messiness.

But, his woeful 1-for-22 start, combined with his actions in Texas, has to raise concerns for the Mariners. Or raise them again after taking a chance when picking him up during the offseason.

Wakamatsu is still expecting the best, however.

"I think [it's] a new start and [for] this club," the Mariners' manager said. "I think he has found a comfort level with the ballclub and in that, [he's] not wanting to let his teammates down."

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I guess there must be racist fans in Seattle and Texas too.

Same problems different team, must be Milton himself is the problem

I think that as time goes on, Milton Bradley will realize that his negative characterization of Cubs fans in general was not correct, and he will become a better man for admitting that.

Don't you have anything better to talk about. Can we please just stick to Chicago. This guy is in Seattle now. Who gives a damn about Bradley. He's gone and the Chicago Cubs still suck.

Except that in ten years - TEN YEARS!!! - Miltie has never come to the realization that anything is ever his fault. Ten years, seven teams, and its the fans or the management, or the racists, or the haters.

You would be right that it would make him a better man, but it ain't gonna happen.

thank you for picking up milton.he was a cancer in the locker room and on the feild in oakland.he will be the same in seattle.all of us oakland fans truly enjoy seeing him destroy your team.

Change is needed in the Mariners library, and reorganization of shelves becomes substantial.

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