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Ozzie Guillen becoming impatient while he waits for the cable guy

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Ozzie Guillen's White Sox may have used the comforts of home to snap a four-game losing streak with a victory over the Tampa Bay Rays last night, but he's having a bit of a rough day back at his own home.

It seems Comcast has drawn the ire of the outspoken manager.

"Waiting for comcast people to show up in my house godddddd please take a little longer is not free," he tweeted.

Guillen was apparently led to believe the cable company would be there at 8 a.m. As of around noon, he was stil waiting.

"Its amazing to me how u have to wait for cable. As if I was getting it for free. 8 am they said wow," another tweet reads.

"Comcast is now saying they came to my house. They suck. Its not free they r not the only cable company," he continued.

It just goes to show it doesn't matter who you are. Between 8 and noon doesn't always mean between 8 and noon, World Series ring or not.

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