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One Shining Moment 2010 didn't shine all that brightly

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CBS debuted its brand new "One Shining Moment" after Duke's thrilling victory over Butler last night, and yes, this Jennifer Hudson version is different.

Maybe not different in a good way either.

Prepare yourself for lots of on-screen shots of one Chicago's favorite daughters and some serious omissions. I mean, Ohio pulled the first round's biggest upset, right? Maybe should have included that. Also, as the The Big Lead points out, it seems this incarnation of everyone's favorite highlight montage was more about emotional snapshots than actual replays.

Anyone out there want to defend the new version or are we all on the same page and miss the old one?

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Just compare Duke's One Shining Moment montage from 1992 (look on youtube) and the one from last night... There is no comparison... the '92 one is an absolute gem... How can CBS ruin something so classic?!!!

I totally agree. What was wrong with Luther? Why change something that was so exciting, enthusiastic, emotion, and joyful to watch. One Shining Moment is something I looked forward to every year whether my team made the tourney or not, and this year thoroughly disappointed.

Totally agree. Ms. Hudson has an incredible gift and she can do things with her voice that we mere mortals only dream of. However.....after waiting for this iconic song, her face was not what I wanted to see. In years past, it seemed every participating team was included if only for a brief glimpse. Not so this year. Many of the teams weren't shown at all and there was certainly no flow to seeing those final four teams in mad action at the end of the song. It felt more like a marketing package for Jennifer Hudson.

Give me Luther back! I waited up an extra 15 minutes to watch that? What a disappointment. Luther knew how to do it right. And CBS shame on you for not showing more game moments from the incredible number of upsets this year. I will not stay up and sit through 20 extra minutes of commercial snext year to see the nets cut down and listne to Jennifer Hudson. I will shut off the TV and hit the hay.

Come on now. Be serious. It looks the same to me. Emotional content looked the same in 2010 as it did in 1992. Is this just a way to hate on J. Hudson?

Couldn't agree more with the other comments. Jennifer Hudson has a wonderful voice, but her version just didn't hold a candle to Luther's. Really a let down, as this is something I've always looked forward to in the past.

Ugggh, It was painful to watch. Some things should not be changed.

The visual image at the end of the montage said it all. It wasn't a Shining Moment. It was a clunker. CLANK!

Quoted from Wikepedia - "Notable artists to sing "One Shining Moment"
Barrett was the original artist, but CBS has also broadcast remakes by Teddy Pendergrass (1994-1999) and Luther Vandross (2003-2009). It is believed to be the last song Vandross recorded before his stroke and subsequent death.[citation needed] A new version by Jennifer Hudson was used for the 2010 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. And it ruined an otherwise great tournament. Whoever produced the video in 2010 felt the need to show Hudson as if it were a music video, and it should cost CBS the rights to future tournaments if there's any justice in the world." - 'nuf said.

It Sucked!!! I never saw Luther during his, and Hudson was shown to much. What happen to the credits and the preamble to the song when the team is cutting down the net? CBS really messed it up and ruined the finish to a great broadcast. Please change it back.

Absolute Embarrassment!!! Ruined what is one of the greatest parts of the entire season. Not only were the shots of Hudson completely unnecessary the song should never over ride the highlights and that was what was attempted here. Shame on CBS, ruining a great piece that many look forward to.

This was horrible. The drums do not sound right. The High hat is to loud. The kick drum is not loud enough, and the snare has no life to it. She can sing, but her voice is to high for this song. At times she can be piercing. And the choir sucks. Whoever produced this should shot. CBS just wanted to put a modern face on this beautiful song. What they did was put a horrible rendition on this classic song. I wonder what will happen when espn gets the righs and will they have One shinning moments. bring luther back.

That was horrible. Hudson oversang the song. It was One Shrieking Moment. The cutaways to J-Hud made it feel like a video or promotion. Is CBS sponsoring her next tour? I don't understand why we saw her at all.

Horrible! Jennifer Hudson has a great voice and OSM could have been great....BUT she "rocked" it out too much and cut off all of her words. I most definitely did not want to see her face in OSM, did she play in the tourney?
Aside from Ms. Hudson...the rest of the montage was also lacking. I had to sit through at least a minute of cheerleaders, mascots, and crowd members before seeing 1 player.
Am I correct in assuming that CBS had a new crew in charge of OSM 2010? They sure buggered it up. One shining moment is SACRED.

I absolutely loved Jennifer's version. Get over it! It's time they had a woman do the song! It seems to me that intolerance is more at play here than any other reason for all the Jennifer hating! I have yet to read a comment that says her voice was off or that she did not sing the song well! Buy the Luther version and leave those of us who like Jennifer's version enjoy! I loved Luther's version but the song was not owned by him or Teddy! He was first. It's one thing to say you prefer the Luther version but it's just mean spiritedness to diss Jennifer. SAD!

Jennifer has a beautiful voice however, this version of the song did not work for me. I liked the Luther Vandross version much better.

Hudson sounded like a screeching harpy, and the song and video were ruined. And showing the singer was just hideous.

Absolute distaster.

I don't get it. I thought it was great. Why is everyone having such an over the top negative reaction? Wierd.

Join the facebook group to let CBS know you didn't approve:

My biggest complaint is that the highlights of the finals made it look like Butler won, until you see Duke celebrate, what we see is Heyward fall on his face that was called foul on Duke, then we then we see Howard, make a layup, see Zoubeck make an angry face, then the game winning miss by Heyward, then Duke celebrates, kind of misleading considering they didnt show any game action highlights of Duke, who won the game, its bad enough the refs and the play by play guys wanted Butler to win, but the montage sports fans look forward to every year, is totally botched at the end. COMPLETE CBS FAIL

The original version by David Barrett (1987-1993) is the best... Also, I've hated CBS since 2004 when they took out the "Golden Street" prelude to One Shining Moment, which was the perfect build-up to the actual montage... How could they ruin something so classic!!!

I agree with most of the comments below; on a scale of 1-10 this was a 2 after probably the most exciting tournament ever in terms of close games where the last 10 seconds mattered so much. It was a very bad idea to show clips of Jennifer Hudson which took away from clips of some of the 65 teams. Luther worked well in the past and will work in the future.

I didn't like it; my son didn't like it; and my wife walked out of the room before it was over...what a debacle.


She obviously has a great voice, but sang so high and, I don't know, hard(?), that I couldn't understand the lyrics. I thought the video clips were fine but I don't want to see the singer, just the players. Back to Luther next year, please.

Yes, this year's Shining Moment was a definite disappointment! Where was the classic image of a tip-off on the opening words? On "the ball is tipped" we were having to look at the singer's image. And it kept coming back. No disrespect to her, but it the the GAME that is behind the shining moment. Her version of the song was fine, though I would like to hear the original again, but the montage itself was not as it has been in the past- a synopsis of the highlights or March Madness from beginning to end, with a flow into the final moments of the final four and championship game. And I definitely miss the beautiful piano piece (I believe called Golden Street) and the cutting of the net which led up to the montage.

Absolutely horrible! Why are there shots of her in this? Hopefully CBS will lose this next year and they can redo it. Otherwise I'm done staying up for this song.

so bad just awful by cbs its time for espn to take over for sure..also how do you now show syracuse one time in the video biased cbs bs..

Jennifer Hudson ruined the highlights section and the song "One Shining Moment" for me. I don't want to see her singing. The highlights should be the games not her. Also, less crowd shots and more player shots.

CBS ruined One Shining Moment. Jennifer Hudson has a great voice but she was a bad choice for this song. The song should be secondary to the lasting images of the tournament AND THE PLAYERS! There was no reason to show her singing in the studio 5 time. I love watching this montage every year, but last night I was so disgusted, I actually turned it off before it was over.

I think Jennifer has an awesome voice but "One Shining Moment" does not need to be screeched and screamed liked that. I watched it a few times and didn't see any moments from the K-State-Xavier game or even Evan Turner for that matter (Maybe I'm wrong). Did we really have to see shots of Hudson instead? My ONLY consolation was that the focus of the title game at the end was on Butler instead of one of the least memorable championship teams we've ever seen.

Jennifer Hudson has a great voice. But, I don't watch college basketball since December to see clips of her at the end the season. What a game!!! And then CBS destroys One Shining Moment! Why try to fix something that's not broken! The highlight clips were poor and Ms. Hudson couldn't convey the feeling of the kids playing their hearts out like Luther. It was more about her than the kids...but, that's CBS and the NCAA for you!!!!

Bjalex amd Michael G, you're missing the point.

Jennifer Hudson is a great singer, no one is doubting that. I have surfed a lot of blogs and boards on this and objections have nothing to do with how well she sang the song, there is no intolerance of women, American Idol or even progress.

The point is that she "performed" it. OSM should be more about the players, their grit and sweat and should be an accompaniment to their achivements. By "performing" OSM with her stylistic riffs (she does tend to overstylize in my opinion) and CBS's producer adding to the epic fail by including video of her in the production (to the exclusion of the teams), they all mananged to make the song about her, rather than about the great 65 teams.

OSM shouldn't be sung as if you were producing it for a single to be dropped. I'm sure she meant well and if it were any other song in any other circumstance, I typically like her work. Her rendition just isn't the best style for what OSM truly means for most of us.


That was just horrible. Every shot was a closeup. I look forward to watching One Shining Moment after every tournament, and I made all my friends stay at the sports bar to watch it. How embarrassing.

I made a facebook group to see whether anyone else felt the same way. The link is above.

I normally cry when I hear OSM and see the montage that goes with it. Last night I cried, but for a totally different reason; JH was God Awful. Correct me if I am wrong, but the song and montage should be about the players and the game not the singer. For the love of God, please let this be her one and only time singing OSM. And at a show of respect CBS should redo the montage and use Luther's version. I don't know how many years it has been since Bing was Dreaming of A White Christmas but it is still played every year. I could listen to Luther's OSM every day until I am resting 6ft under. If I hear JH's version one more time that day may come sooner than I think.

Look forward to this every year and was beyond disappointed .. Hudson ws awful, only showed about half the teams in the tourney, missed so many important momemnts .. If you want o direct a J Hud video, do it for MTV, NOT CBS sports ! This was to be a tribute to the tournament and players- not a homage to Hudson..

Jim Boeheim is AP, Basketball Writers and Naismith Coach of the Year and not a single shot of Syracuse? Terrible!!! Every single team who played in the tournament should have recognition.

Teddy Pendergrass did the original, and I think, still the best version. I could, however, listen to Luther's verion. Last night was atrocious. I know what Jennifer Hudson looks like. I don't need 60 seconds worth of visuals. Another thing, did Tennessee win it all? Wayne Chism was all over the screen at least 3 times.
Why did CBS ruin a great thing?
WHY is the NCAA going to ruin the perfect tournament? People have a good thing, and they get GREEDY. So they ruin it. A shame

This was the worst OSM ever. Not that Ms. Hudson isn't a good singer, mind you, but that we DON'T NEED TO SEE HER!!!!

This isn't MTV.

CBS really screwed this one up, and whoever the decision makers are behind this mess need to be sacked. Today.

Just like most folks I look forward to OSM to see the crazy shots, the emotions, & the wild moments from March Madness at its best. It was too much jennifer and not enough College B-ball plays. Even though I love Luther's version, always will. I was open to a new version until I saw it. Hate to say it but CBS messed up this one...and I'm sure Duke folks are not happy!
Some traditions need to stay traditions... Stay with Luther's not Ms Hudson version....I mean every xmas we still play Nat King Cole's Christmans Song, & Bobby Helms Jingle Bell Rock! A classic never dies!

@GaGirrl, you hit the nail on the head. No one watches OSM to see Jennifer Hudson in a fake recording studio lipsynching along with little votive candles flickering in the background. We watch it to see the players. It's not about the person singing, it's about the people on the court, and that's what we all tune in for. Not for a Jennifer Hudson vehicle.

Hudson was awful! Why would you change the tradition. One shining moment is one of the things I look forward to after the championship game and she killed it. No knock on her at all but she did not do a good job on the song or on tv shots of her. We want to see the shots of the players making plays and the moments of the tournament not of her singing.

Ya think CBS might get the message? I tape OSM every year to "come down" from March Madness. I had to watch it today muted to appreciate anything of the highlights. Ohio should raise hell. So should Syracuse. I thought Hudson should have won "American Idol" the year she competed, but last night was a train wreck over the cliff. It seemed the message was "Hey everyone, I'm no longer fat."

One Shining Moment has been my 15 year old daughter's favorite part of the NCAA championships for as long as I can remember. Last night was a total let down for her (and the rest of the family) from the new artist to CBS showing her in the video. UGH! I wondered if we were the only ones who thought it was a disappointment.

I'm with most everyone who didn't like it. Some of that is using a female voice for the first time was so distracting, I was listening to the song more than watching the highlights. One of the best parts of OSM is you know the song, so you don't have to listen to it. And it's the perfect cradle for basketball highlights. Would have been an all-time great with Vandross considering how much fun the games were.
However... for those who didn't like the shots of Hudson in the video (and I didn't either). The first Vandross version has shots of him in it also. Don't know if CBS gives each new artist some love or what, but this wasn't the first time for that.

As a Duke fan and for that matter a college basketball fan...This put a sour taste in my mouth at a time when I was supposed to be celebrating. Why did CBS feel the need to ruin one of the best tournaments of all time. Aside from the horrible vocals of Hudson, they felt compelled to cut away from the highlights and show her over singing in the studio. CBS should be ashamed of themselves and should put Luther back in place immediately. One Shining Moment does not need a modern take, the highlights speak for themselves and Luther was the perfect voice for those highlights. I am absolutely stunned that someone at CBS thought this was a great idea.



Hudson was good. Go Jennifer. I was so disappointed until I heard her version. She did it right, kind of screeched but that's what you do when you see an exciting game. I would have liked to have seen a real tip instead of her forefinger and less of her face but the seriousness of her expression said it all, IT'S NOT ABOUT ME. And that was exactly right. GO JENNIFER.

This says it all!

OK, I'll say it, bjalex. She did not sing the song well. It was a train wreck from the beginning, and her rendition of the final verse will rank among mankind's most awful crimes. Seeing her so often wasn't what bothered me most, although that wasn't a good thing. What bothered me was that she was HORRIBLE.

What a disappointment - give us Luther back, please! CBS, you missed on this one.

Absolutely loved it. I work for a competing network. CBS Clumsy-Bungling-Simpletons. Perfect guys. Thanks

One shining moment never lived up to the previous anthem that accompanied the montage from the 1985 Villanova victory over Georgetown. Those were the glory days. The last tournament without a shot clock...the first year of an expanded 64 school tournament...One of the last final fours on a college campus (Kentucky's Rupp Arena)...a story of David, who wouldn't have made the tournament the previous year with only 32 schools invited, beating Goliath - the defending Champions - Georgetown - featuring Patrick Ewing. Forget one shining moment and look for that 85 montage on you tube!

The song sucks anyways. The entire thing is pointless, sappy drivel, the stuff CBS always crams down your throat. Time to put this song to bed for good.

You guys are ridiculous. Jennifer Hudson sounded great. She did her job. She sang the song the way Jennifer Hudson sings songs. And the way she sings songs is a reason she has an Oscar and a Grammy. Go get your ears checked if you think you heard screeching. And if you all had a problem with all the shots of Jennifer (five! OMG!!! the horror!)take it up with CBS and the NCAA. They are the ones who put it together. Don't blame Jennifer Hudson.

I have less of a problem with the version than the way they put it together. I liked Luther and Teddy much better, but the biggest problem was the shots of her and the video having no flow. It really was terrible. It was the one thing CBS did well with the tournament, and they even screwed that up. Go espn in the negotiations this summer.

Where's the love for Teddy Pendergrass? His version is the best with Luther Vandross a close second and Jennifer Hudson just not getting it right (even though I'm normally a fan of hers). Didn't know that a guy named Barrett sung it too, I'll have to research that version of "One Shining Moment".

Barrett's original was by far the best. Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross were pretty painful to listen to but still far better than the awful Jennifer Hudson.

bjalex - her voice was off (or that may be her regular voice but it was painful) and she did not sing the song horribly.

They should go back to the original. Each version gets worse and worse.

Rixter719 - David Barrett, not Teddy Pendergrass, did the original and best version. Every other version pales in comparison.

As many have written, every year, I also look forward to the One Shinning Moment video. This years video was absolutely terrible! As for Jennifer Hudson - she certainly is a very talented singer but still like Luther V's rendition the best and they should not have put so many clips of her singing the song like a music video. But here is the real horror in the video: Whoever clipped that video together for CBS should not be paid a cent and fired on the spot. If the clips had been better - showed more teams and put the right clips with the words of the song and a much more exciting ending, (after all, this was one of the most exciting tournaments in a long time) I think it would have been somewhat more enjoyable than what we watched. I wish CBS would redo the video, put Luther Vandross' music in and hire a professional video person to do it! Then CBS, post it so we can have a better taste in our mouthes from something that we wait to see every year. I was at the game in Indy was very disappointed with the video!

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