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Notre Dame recruit Matt James dies after fall from hotel balcony

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Matt James, one of the nation's highest-rated high school offensive lineman, died Friday after falling off a third-floor hotel balcony while on spring break in Panama City, Fla.

The 17-year-old Notre Dame recruit and Cincinnati resident died almost instantly, according to police reports.

James was vacationing with fellow Irish recruit Luke Massa at the time of the incident.

The 6-foot-6, 291-pound James signed to play in South Bend back in February, after earning All-American honors and leading his St. Xavier team to a No. 4 ranking in the final state poll.

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We are Xavier men forever. Hopes and prayers.

This is definitely a tragedy in more ways than one. I have to ask; who gave this 17 year old boy the permission and the MONEY to travel from Ohio to Florida and stay in a hotel at a place that is known for it's wild parties and drinking? Does anyone believe that a 17 year old boy would NOT drink in such a situation? And how many 17 year old boys really know how to handle their liquor?

I lived in Florida. I know what Spring Break is like. When I was in High School, if I had asked my parents if I could have some money to go stay in one of the hotels and party with my friends for a few days, they would have laughed their a--es off!

Most 17-year-olds DO know a little about handling alcohol. How much does an athletic 290-pounder have to drink by 6 in the afternoon to get so drunk that he falls off a 5th story balcony? And why is somebody who is so obviously bigger, more powerful, and with better prospects than everybody else acting belligerent? This is not an "accident." Being 290 pounds at age 17, consuming that much alcohol before the afternoon is over, and acting like an invincible jerk - disgusting is more like it. Get drunk, dance crazy, throw up, and sleep it off - most 17-year-olds get it. People with superman complexes get what they deserve - sorrry.

Paul your post shows your ignorance. This boy was just that. Still a boy. 17 years old. It doesn't matter what size you are. 17 years old is 17 years old. Many drink to a "superman complex", it doesn't matter what age you are. Why do you think people drink and drive??? Because they have the "superman complex".

Tell his parents it wasn't an accident.

No one accepts your lame apology.

I hope your children are perfect their entire life just like you seem to think you are, snd I hope you never have to grieve and feel the eternal pain this family will. You should be asshmaed to add to their grief

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