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Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs arrested

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jaimee-grubbs-tiger-woods.jpgJaimee Grubbs, perhaps the most recognizable of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses, was arrested in Los Angeles Wednesday evening, police said.

Grubbs was stopped by authorities because there was a warrant return on the license plate of the 2004 Mustang she was driving.

She had three outstanding warrants, deputies said. They included: a $26,000 warrant out of Beverly Hills Court for driving on a suspended license; a $2,500 warrant out of Beverly Hills Court for driving on a suspended license; and a $1,809 warrant out of West Los Angeles Court for driving on a suspended license.
During the course of the stop, it was discovered that Grubbs' license was still suspended, so she was also cited for that.

Grubbs was taken into custody and released from jail Thursday morning.

The arrest comes a month after Grubbs lost Howard Stern's "Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant." Girl just can't buy a break.

You'll remember Grubbs as the one who claimed she had a 31-month relationship with Woods and brought these voice mails into the cultural zeitgeist.

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I don't care!

Tiger Woods Divorce Imminent as Elin Nordegren Meets Lawyer and Renovates Swedish Home

I think Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers the world has ever known. I don't know why everyone is talking about him as if he has done something wrong. Ok, so he slept around a bit but that shouldn't effect his stature on the golf course. Many of the celeb blogs listed on the blog index at were saying that Woods' career is over. But I think he will come back and be a champion once more. I think he will even beat Jack Nicklaus' all-time win record.

The bad time might not yet ended for the woods yet, after a huge mental trauma from past seven months, when finally tiger decided to concentrate back to game, soon he is been wired by the drastic neck injury, recently i got the updates of latest MRI report of tiger woods thanks to epix, very sadly woods admit there is possible chances of the neck surgery, it means woods will be out of action again for couple of months that sounds pretty outraged.

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