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Yes, there is interest in making Kurt Warner's life into a movie

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kurt warner.JPGKurt Warner's Cinderella story may be the next football-inspired fairytale to hit the big screen.

The recently retired quarterback said he's been approached by a movie producer who wants to make a film based on his life. Considering the success of "The Blind Side," it only makes sense that Hollywood would want to jump on another feel-good story.

Warner's movie would combine a magical recipe of religion, grocery-bagging, Cedar Falls, Mike Martz, Dick Vermeil and Warner's wife, Brenda. Really, it'd be stupid not to make this thing.

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk have already weighed in with their casting recommendations, which I really can't improve.

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There's another phenomenal movie coming out next year (Jan 2011) about a guy who sues the devil for $8 trillion.

More info:

Ryan Reynolds or Jason Stathom could play Kurt in film

The Kurt Warner story is one of the greatest out there...unfortunately...hollywood will never get behind it...producers and liberal actors won't go for the Christian aspect of Warners life...and Warner and his family won't let a script pass without that aspect in the therefore expect this project to be delayed until Warner and his wife have passed and Hollywood can alter the story for their own liberal agenda

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