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We think Tiger Woods is sorry, but still don't approve of him -- poll

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tigertourney.jpgA new poll suggests that while a majority of America thinks Tiger Woods is sincerely sorry, most still have an unfavorable impression of the embattled golfer.

The study, conducted by ABC News and ESPN, revealed that 54 percent of people think he truly is contrite. But, only 39 percent have a favorable impression of Woods. Compare this with personal approval ratings of 88 percent in 2000 and 84 percent in 2001.

Really nothing groundbreaking here, but it will be interesting to monitor these numbers as he gradually comes back into the public eye.

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I'm really sick of hearing about Eldrick (excuse me, "tiger" ), but I do have something to say about this. Mark Sanford, the governor of South carolina, had a long and faithful marriage, and then, after quite a while with his wife, he fell out of love. He had one affair with a woman he calls his "soulmate". For this, he has been crucified by the media, and his wife is apparently on tour talking about how terrible he is. Eldrick, on the other hand, had been married to a beautiful woman for a much shorter period of time than Sanford, and has apparently been having sex with every blond woman he could talk into it. Acoording to reports, right after the honeymoon he was back and on a continual fling with various mistresses. The media reaction to him is basically sympathetic. It's absurd. can you say "double standard"?

It is not comparable between Tiger Woods and Mark Sanford.
1) Mark Sanford is a elected politician. Voter would demand a higher standard from a politician.
2) Tiger had many woman, but pay for sex, it is fair fair deal. He did not cheat in his soul. But Mark cheated in his soul. That's difference.

People often say they are tired of hearing about Tiger, but think about all the commercials watched with Tiger in them when he was presented as some kind of wunderkind! Look at Tiger -- he is walking on water! Now he is hitting a golfball like a baseball! Ah, how sweet, he is reading a bedtime story to his daughter. No one complained about how he was being forced into our consciousness then.

That's the reason for the coverage now. Tiger had a carefully-crafted and marketed image. It was false. Sure, most endorsers have false images. But Tiger had the misfortune of his mask being ripped off in a titilating way. If he'd been caught hiding money offshore or doing financial funny business with his company, people would not have paid much attention. But when your scandal involves sex, a bizarre auto wreck in public, golf clubs smashing car windows, porn stars, saved phone and text messages... Well, it makes for funny television coverage. Tiger is now a walking, talking joke. His defining moment is no longer crying on his dad's shoulder greenside in Augusta in 1997.

He used to stand for "above-it-all" excellence. Now he's below-it-all creepy. More scales ripped off the public's eyes. Dotcom mania, Enron scandal, housing bubble, Tiger's image. A new day is dawning in America and it's going to be a lot more in touch with reality.

Statistically, Tiger is not an anomoly. He could "rat" on many athletes, colleagues, and peers.

He will pay dearly in loss of endorsements, and a haunting conscience.

Leave him and his family alone. He will likely make it "publicly" go away with a Master's victory,.. But he will not sleep well for the rest of his life.

For the life of me I cannot understand Eldridge Woods is not getting sued for defrauding the public and companies with an image he knew he didn't have for many, many years. He made a ton of money on his knowing lies and took off with hundreds of millions of fraudulent dollars and rode off into the sunset on his Privacy Yacht . He is no better than Bernie Madoff! This isn't about sex it is about theft!

Nice comments Will Simons. I especially like the part where you make up lies to sell your point...but wait, if you have to lie, doesn't that mean you don't really have a valid point and thusly have to make things up in order to bring someone down? Obviously I am refering to this crap about Tiger "Reading a bedtime story to his daughter." Tiger never used his family in ANY advertisement or commercial. He kept them from running onto the green after he won (he didn't need nor want to use his famly to make more money - he wanted them to have privacy so they could live their lives normally, unlike Phil Mickelson who shoves his family down our throat everytime he is lucky enough to win - which is why everyone on TOUR pretty much hates Phil [except the Media] because they know he is not only a jerk, but the hugest phoney out there) and only released pictures of himself, his daughter, Elin, and their two dogs because he was threatened by the paparazzi that if they didn't get pictures of the baby that they would start following them around until they got whatever pictures they could. So Tiger gave in and had some pictures taken, again, for the sake of his family's privacy. So, please, do not act like Tiger crafted some "family-friendly" image. He never tried nor attempted to do such a thing, and if idiotic morons out there thought he was a better person because he banged his wife and a couple children popped out, that's your own fault, not Tiger's. Now, as far as to your other comments, about Tiger making advertisements that show him bouncing a ball on a club, and then hitting it mid-air, I do not see how that is him "carefully crafting" some kind of saint image: it was just him showing off his ability to manipulate a golf ball, even outside the realm of normal golf. It was just a cute little commercial. Now if the commercial had Elin and his kids behind him clapping and smiling, that would ne a different issue. Also, those commercials haven't been around in over 5 years, so it's pretty sad that you even brought them up.

Lastly, a lot more athletes have done far more worse things than Tiger. If you know anything about marriage you know married people cheat. The most recent statistic out of Standford (wouldn't ya know, Tiger's school) 3 years ago said that 70% of marriages involve adultery (considering more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, that is not shocking at all). So, basically, you are all jumping on Tiger for what 70% of married people go through. Typical double standard for Tiger because he is a star. So, yes, Tiger cheated and is just as guilty as 70% of married people. He is not even in the minority. However, people like Kobe who rape women, Vick who drug animals and force them to attack each other to the death, and then you have Bonds, McGwire, etc. who haven't been caught cheating on their significant others (yet), but cheating at the sport for which their popularity, money and fame have come. There should be much more outrage over that. They cheated their way into fame, money and popularity so it should be taken away. Tiger did not cheat in anything but his marriage, and if that is taken away, I will be the first to say he brought it upon himself. However, to suggest he be suspended from golf, to suggest Elin deserves ANYTHING more than the 20 million she will get from Tiger (sorry for all you morons out there who keep thinking there would be any way she could get half of his empire that he worked 25 years building along with his parents, coaches, friends, etc., all people who did more for Tiger's wealth than she EVER did. Also, with an iron-clad prenup that has no clause in it concerning adultery, I have no idea if she really thinks she can get half or not, or is just trying to high-ball Tiger into a settlement - I don't know).

Basically, what it comes down to is Tiger will be back, will still break all the golf records that exist, and his popularity will rise just like other recently fallen athletes, but the only difference is, Tiger will actually return to his former glory and will not be thought of as "below it all creepy." Yes, Tiger has things to work on off the course, but once he has those things sorted out, it will only help him on the course, and he will be a better man for it all. He will have overcome a setback, as he has done many times in his career already. The ones of us who actually follow Tiger and know him, know that you never bet against him when he sets his mind to something (especially when there are people betting against him). Tiger is never out. Too many writers have written Tiger off after his first swing change, his second swing change, his marriage, his father's death, having kids, his knee, and now this. Yet, he always comes back and dominates despite the off-course distractions because he is that good.

He will have to do that for awhile, maybe the next year or two, however, when Tiger finally starts to have a comfortable home life again, he might start entering his prime right around the same time Ben Hogan did and start ripping off majors faster than he did previously. Trust me, Tiger will still come back and be the best and break all the records, and I think I speak for the majority of Tiger fans and the majority of casual golf fans when I say: I never thought nor cared nor rooted for Tiger Woods because I thought he was a good husband or a good father. I rooted for him because he is the best to ever play the game and I feel priveledged and excited to be able to watch him play the kind of golf the rest of us only dream about. I watch him in awe. He is the best athlete in at least the last 60 years, and probably the most dominant in the history of sport...and if he isn't yet, he one day probably will be considered so. I am lucky to be able to watch him. So, it would be really silly for me to stop watching him because he betrayed his wife (and kids? well, if he betrayed his kids, then every single divorcee has betrayed their kids, far worse than Tiger, because Tiger is doing everything in his power to keep the marriage together, and that is what is important to the kids: that their parents love each other and are together..not that daddy messed around on mommy a long time ago [which they would never know about if it weren't for sleezy paparazzi reporting private details about two peoples' relationship without their permission - I think it's scary personally that more people don't look at this situation and realize that it is sick that we have so few rights as far as our privacy is concerned - Instead, so many of you are foaming at the mouth to hear more about Tiger's situation because none of you have lives of your own...pathetic]!

So, finally, if you are the ones who sat around and talked about the awesome golf Tiger played, or the awesome shots he hit, or about the records he has broken, or the records you thinke he might break, etc., then you have no right to pretend like you now care about what Tiger does off the course, because you never did before. To now pretend like you care about Tiger's off-the-course life makes you a lemming who just follows the crowd in anger because you think that is what you are supposed to do. Typical Americans, unable to form opinions for themselves, so they act like sheep. Why do you think our country is so screwed up? It isn't the politicians because we control them. It's the people being so stupid (about as intelligent as a herd of sheep now that I think about it: what an appropriate comparison I used) add blind about what is really going on around them and what is really important. In a country where a man cheating on his wife is the biggest and most important news (especially when it isn't the president or any elected official whose character is important to his role as a representative of the people who voted for him) when our economy is crashing, when we are at war and have 10s of thousands of troops in a few different countries, when social security is going down the toilet, when our national deficit is 13 trillion dollars, when banks are stealing (misplacing) a third of a trillion dollars from the goverment and getting away with it....well - let's just say, attacking Tiger Woods, the guy who gives, and has given, millions and millions to charity every year, and his very impact on the game of golf has raised approximately 500 million dollars for local charities around the US where PGA Tour events are all just seems very wrong...So the guy was unfaithful....He is an alpha male who works out 3-4 hours a day, 6 days a week, with a testosterone most likely above 1000 (which causes a highly increased libido), a sleeping problem (insomnia), a wife who refuses to travel to golf tournaments with him despite his offering to pay for nannies (she knew what she was doing - she knew it would be hell for Tiger all alone without his sexual needs being taken care of but she didnt give a damn) so she could come with him..It makes sense to me, with all the pressure, body is tired but mind cant sleep (unless you get a nice release that helps you to sleep - just saying), you've got sexual needs but your wife is thousands of miles away and you have a multitute of beautiful women throwing themselves at you...Yeah, it's really hard to figure out how this happened, and how he gave into his weakness. I don't think there is a single heterosexual man on this PLANET who wouldn't, if they were in Tiger's position, not do what he did. Jack Nicklaus was never as popular as Tiger and neither was Arny (except to a small group) and they both cheated. Now imagine if they had the impact on golf and the world (Tiger Woods is the second most recognizable name on the planet after Jesus, by the way - his name is more known around the world than George Bush or Barack Obama) and lived in a day where women aren't afraid to walk up to men and just start flirting (The taboo is gone). They would have fallen into the same trap, just like most of today's athletes do. Unfortunately, Tiger is just so big and so important (this all shows you how famous and important Tiger really is, by the way) that apparently this is news. Sad. Oh well, time will return things to normal and return the king to his throne, only, once again, he will have grown, learned, and as before return to the game better than ever. Watch and see. If it's true we learn the most from our mistakes, Tiger will learn a lot from this. He has apologized and made promises to try and be better. He knows what is on the line. He is not stupid. He will change, even if it is just because he has to. However, he will change. He knows we will all be watching. You'd be naive to think anything else would happen.

Aaron, I'm sorry, but you are wrong. Tiger definitely did make a commercial where he was reading a story to his daughter. I know this because I saw it myself! (I didn't care for the coarse punchline where he told Sam something about "kicking his butt.")

Do a google search on: Tiger Woods commercial "bedtime story"

What lie? Tiger was walking on water because he's an unbelievable golfer. All of his ads were talking about his golfing skills -- not his business skills, not his spirituality, not his parenting, not his sex life, not his hygiene, not his housekeeping, not his gardening... What is the freaking problem people? He was advertising his GOLFING abilities. Have you seen him play golf? He was not lying.
You all need to focus on your own sex lives, or lack thereof.

Actually, Debbie, one of his commercials was about hygiene... Gilette. :) Just sayin'.

everyone is talking about tiger because he got caught, but what about a previous "someone" who got caught getting oral "white house"

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