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Warren Sapp won't be prosecuted for Super Bowl weekend arrest

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warren-sapp-arrest.JPGProsecutors won't be pursuing criminal charges against former NFL star and current NFL Network analyst for a Super Bowl weekend arrest.

Sapp was taken in by police the day before the Super Bowl in Miami and would have faced one count of misdemeanor domestic battery.

Prosecution documents reveal that there were inconsistencies between the victim's statements and the physical evidence. Thus, authorities won't be prosecuting Sapp.

 The former Raider, Buccaneer and dancing star was "always confident that the system would work," according to his lawyer.

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warren is an ass. liar and all the ppl around him are phoney!!!

He is a good guy, he just befriended the wrong person, and unfortunately he was taken off the air, and he missed the Super Bowl!
Did you know this guy use to be a very good swimmer in high school?
This was a situation that all of us can learn from, you can't just
associate with anyone, especiall during Super Bowl weekend!
Glad you got past this situation, this guy isn't Bernie Madoff!

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