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Tim Tebow's pre-Wonderlic prayer idea met with heavy resistance

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tim-tebow-john-16-33.JPGHeisman Trophy winner and religion enthusiast Tim Tebow's attempt at leading a prayer at the NFL Scouting Combine was met with some Joe Biden-approved language and laughter, according to a report from Pro Football Talk.

Tebow apparently tried to get everyone in on a prayer after receiving instructions on how to take the Wonderlic test.

"Shut the f--- up," one player reportedly replied while others chuckled.

Hard to tell if that played into Tebow's score of 22.

Tebow's outspokenness about his religious views is undeniably a consideration that NFL teams would have to weigh before picking him up. He could run into situations like this or could find a niche in a locker room where he is held as an emotional leader.

Who is out of bounds in this situation? Tebow? The foul-mouthed dude who just wanted to take the test? Both of them? Should this be worrisome to prospective teams?

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I would rather have a leader that believes in something as opposed to most young people that believe in nothing!

I believe in Santa. Would that make me a good leader Jay?

Over/Under on Jay's age: 53.5

How exactly does one "believe in nothing"? I'd think that anyone good enough to be invited to the combine at the very least believes in himself, which frankly is good enough for me. Also, I'd prefer to have a leader who didn't try to push his own personal beliefs on others.

At least Tebow is using the platform he has been given to make a difference in lives. Unlike others who simply use their platforms to buy more cars that they never have time to drive. Kudos to Tebow for taking a stand when most would just sit idlely by.

Jay, I totally agree with you about needing a leader who believes STRONGLY about something, and I must say Tebow believes in a good something...not what girl he can get next or what drink he's going to have next.

I have to say Tebow has become a wonderful example to me on how to stand up without EVER backing down for what you believe.

Oh, is praying before a test forcing his beliefs on others? It's called freedom of speech...and if it is forcing beliefs on others...then the guy saying the f---bomb is forcing his beliefs that it's okay to say such a vulgar and uneducated word. I mean seriously -- is that the only extent of your vocabulary -- the f--bomb?

I believe the leg of my table is God and Created everything. Does that make me as good and moral a person as Tebow? After all, believing in a stupidity is better then not believing in a stupidity, right?

Why don't they publish the name of the guy who told Tebow to "shut the f.. up"?, as well the names of those who joined in with mocking laughter. Jesus polarized people when he was in ministry; He also told his followers "if they persecuted me they will persecute you also".Congratulations to Tim for his stand for prayer and Christ.

CB: Please read the article. It clearly states "Tebow apparently tried to get the everyone in on a prayer after receiving instructions on how to take the Wonderlic test." If Timmy himself merely prayed before the test, then that is okay. However, he tried to get everyone to join him in said prayer; thus, forcing Timmy's religious beliefs on others. The young man who used the vulgar and uneducated word was merely speaking for himself and not telling the entire group not to do it. Please brush up on your Constitutional Law before criticizing somone else's post. Mr. Tebow can certainly be a beacon of light to you and offensive to others. To each their own opinion and that is truly "freedom of speech."

I have no problem with Tebow's request, even though it is rude and inconsiderate. And I also have no problem with someone telling him to shut the eff up, even though its unnecessarily vulgar and confrontational. I think that in the US both are exercises of rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

In Matthew 6 Jesus says, "Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven."

He goes on to say, "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men"

It's a shame that Tebow's bible is missing that part.


That is FUNNY!!

I think it is a perfectly legitimate response if someone wants me to pray to their god in public! Especially a god whose high priests abuse little boys!

Atleast Tebow is trying to make a difference? Please!!!! You don't need religion to do the right thing. There are plenty of people whom are atheists who donate money to charities as well as there are plenty of christians whom don't give back... that is such a stupid argument, and Freedom of speech? Come on? If he can preach that stuff, than players have every right to tell him how they feel if he is allowed to do the same... you're just arguing for him because you are probably a Tim Tebow whore, who given the chance would get on your knees for him, and I don't mean to pray... If he can shout non sense, why can't others... and you don't need to be a Christian to do the right thing CB... get off your high horse and get a clue

@CB - Another person invoking the "freedom of speech" argument without understanding what it means. Freedom of speech means Tebow can talk about his beliefs without getting ARRESTED or otherwise criminally reprimanded. It doesn't mean he's free from hearing an F-bomb from someone with a different opinion than his, a someone whose freedom to drop that f-bomb is also Constitutionally protected.

I started to dislike the best sport on the planet, college football, solely b/c of Tim Tebow. I just PRAY that he does not ruin the NFL for everyone too!

If Tim Tebow were a gun carrying, gangster type womanizer he would be a celebrated hero and top draft choice. It is time that the media and our idiotic world stops this attack nonsense.

Any Christian who tells you Christianity is about improving your life on Earth (making you happier, making you rich, making you nicer, more moral, more successful, healthier, etc) doesn't understand their own religion. We all have the same fate in this life, 100% chance of death. Christianity is about what happens after that.

The fact is, Tim Tebow will find a large number of NFL players that share his religious views. Just watch midfield after a game. Players from both teams routinely gather for a prayer. As long as he doesn't force others, that is his right. Others have the right to say no, in whatever manner they choose. I just PRAY that Ted Thompson doesn't select him. Not on any religious grounds, i simply think he'd be a bust and a waste of a draft pick.

To Tugnutt:
I would love to see you standing before God on judgement day and trying to shovel the crap you trying to shovel in your response. The constitution would mean crap and neither will your lame explanation.

I would love for them to publish who the young gangster was and the rest of his punk compadries are. Don't you think they are old enough to be treated as men instead of making excuses for them.

Roger Godell should start removing from the NFL these foul- mouthed, sex-crazed, hoodlums.

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