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Shaun White's shirtless Rolling Stone cover is on fire

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shaun-white-rollling-stone-cover.jpgShaun White, the red-haired, gold-medal-winning snowboarding savant, can be seen on the newest issue of Rolling Stone in all his shirtless, rebellious glory.

White appears with red, white and blue pants, a gold medal hanging around his shirtless torso while pouring lighter fluid on a flaming skateboard. All of this, of course, was likely done under proper supervision.

Ladies, does this do anything for you? Gentlemen? Pyromaniacs?

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Gaaah he is so hot. I must buy this.

This certainly does more than enough for me! The article was great, too. Thank you, Rolling Stone, for making single life just a little more bearable ;)

Love the article! Love the pics! Love Shaun!

DEFINITELY does it for me ;) He is so sexy, I can't wait to get this mag and see the pictures in their full glory

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