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Seton Hall's Herb Pope punches Texas Tech's Darko Cohadarevic in the groin

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Seton Hall was eliminated by Texas Tech tonight in the opening game of the NIT, but at least the Pirates went down punching.

Herb Pope, the team's most prolific low-post player, was ejected about five minutes into the game after he decided to throw a swift punch to the groin of Red Raider forward Darko Cohadarevic.

Yep, that will get you tossed.

Texas Tech went on to dismantle the hosts, 87-69.

The is the second incident in the span of two weeks in which a Red Raiders basketball player has had a punch thrown at them. During the women's Big 12 tournament, Baylor's Brittney Griner connected with Jordan Barncastle's face. Griner received a two-game suspension for her actions.

Dangerous, dangerous time to be a Red Raider hoops player.

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Seton Hall missed the chance to showcase their strength.

These opportunities to host prestigious programs like Texas Tech do not come that often, and certainly not at home court.

In the end, Texas Tech was a better team, but the incident took all the headlines.

Cheap shots like that make me wonder if Pope is on the down-low?

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