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Ron Artest's new hairstyle proves he has defense on the mind

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ron-artest-hair.jpgFormer Bull and eccentric-behavior enthusiast Ron Artest debuted a new Dennis Rodman-like hairstyle yesterday during the Los Angeles Lakers' loss to the Orlando Magic.

The shutdown forward proved that he always has point-denial on the brain by getting the word "defense" shaved into his hair in three different languages -- Japanese, Hebrew and Hindi. Most of his hair was dyed bright blond and the inscriptions were in purple.

Gotta support the team, as David Puddy would say.

His new 'do caused a little confusion for Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who mistook Artest for another hair-coloring hoopster.

"The first time I kind of looked out there on the court, I thought he was Dennis Rodman -- his shoulders and hairdo and whatnot," Jackson said.

Vince Carter, who was Artest's assignment for most of the game, scored 25 points as the Magic prevailed.

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he never played for the bulls, ever

Kyle responds: You are right if you refuse to acknowledge the early part of the 2000s.

yeah he did. he played for the bulls for over 2.5 years

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