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Report: Sam Bradford scores 36 on Wonderlic, Tim Tebow a 22

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tim-tebow-sam-bradford.JPGDespite the NFL's best efforts to keep the results of the Wonderlic test scores under wraps, the numbers have begun to seep out, thanks large in part to Edgar Thompson of the Palm Beach Post.

Thompson has tweeted some of the scores of the big-name quarterbacks on the 50-question intelligence test.

Oklahoma's Sam Bradford dominated, supposedly scoring a 36, while Florida golden boy Tim Tebow came in with a 22. Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen managed a 23.

Do these scores reveal how good an NFL player someone will be? Vince Young scored a 6. Dan Marino a 13. And many players who aced the thing never accounted to anything in the league.

Still, in our football-crazy world, it's just another stat for draft experts to yell at each other about on television.

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According to Wikipedia the average Wonderlic score for a journalist is a 26.

I'm not saying the Wonderlic is the definitive guide to someone's intelligence....but when are pro-bound college athletes going to realize that being rich and stupid is no victory?
They can't all be Myron Rolles but they should at least put in the work to graduate.
They don't even have to pay for it.

@Joe, Why should athletes graduate any more than other college students should? People don't need to finish college to be successful in life.

Yes Andy,there are successful high school grads. I even know one high school dropout millionaire.

There are always exceptions, but overall a person is more likely to be more successful, (status, money, perceived happiness) with a college degree than without.

As the middle class shrinks and good trade jobs evaporate, a degree is going to be more important going forward. It is a competitive world and a smart guy with a degree has an advantage over an equally smart guy without one.

It might not be fair, but it is reality.

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