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President Barack Obama to unveil NCAA bracket on 'SportsCenter'

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Thumbnail image for barack-obama-roy-williams.jpgUPDATE: Obama is taking the consensus favorite, Kansas, to win it all. He also seems to have found his inner conservative. Marquette (a 6-seed) is the lowest-seeded team in his Sweet Sixteen. You can look at his entire bracket here.

For the second straight year, President Barack Obama has filled out an NCAA tournament bracket for ESPN.

The leader of the free world will unveil his selections tonight during the late SportsCenter.

You'll remember Obama correctly pegged North Carolina as the eventual champion last season, and finished in the top 20 percent of entrants in the nationwide ESPN pool.

The word is that his Final Four consists of Kansas, Kansas State, Villanova and Kentucky.

Safe picks, to be sure.

What's not quite as safe is the timing of the televised special. ABC News' Karen Travers points out that this may very well be the most critical week of his presidency to date. And you know critics are going to take issue with him taking time out of his schedule for such a "frivolous" endeavor.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but seriously, how long could this have really taken? Fifteen minutes? Relax, people.

Take issue with his selections, not the fact that he filled out a bracket.

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