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Porn star Devon James alleges affair with Tiger Woods

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And now a third porn star has come forward claiming to have had an affair with Tiger Woods.

If you're keeping score at home, that is now brings the total of alleged mistresses to 15.

This young go-getter is named Devon James. In a radio interview yesterday, she claimed to have carried on a sexual relationship with Woods for over 2 1/2 years.

The tawdry allegations James made include Woods playing her and another woman $2,000 each for sex -- at the same time.

It's always important to consider the source at times like these.

An online escort listing from a St. Petersberg- and Tampa-based Donna James offers "companionship" services. $180 buys 30 minutes, $250 gets an hour and two hours go for $450. The poster, who claims to be "very sexy and playful" and promises "the time of your life," describes herself as 29 years old and claims to have performed at several porn Web sites.

Even when taken with a highly-raised eyebrow, this news has to be troubling for Woods, who will return to competitive golf in eight days at the Masters. The incomparable Bill Zwecker reported yesterday that his wife, Elin, is becoming even more ticked off with each story of alleged infidelity that arises. So much so, she plans on being out of the country during her husband's return to the links.

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Drugs and lies come with being a hooker...this is just another whore looking to make some money! Leave Tiger alone...enough is enough...go back to the streets.

BREAKING NEWS - Woods Signs Major Endorsement Deal - SPN Headlines Exclusive:

Keep smiling! :-)

Why does this story not mention that the "radio show" was the syndicated and satellite radio show Bubba the Love Sponge? He's the one who got the exclusive interview with Devon James and broadcast it nationwide.

Sordid Lawsuit Shakes the Satmar Chasidic world .

Brooklyn N.Y. Lezer ( Louis ) Kestenbaum chairman of the ODA in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY resigned from the ODA soon after settling a lawsuit filed in May in U.S. District Court for the District of Florida for an undisclosed sum alleging he had a sexual relationship with a minor, Joel Kestnbaum the son of Louis kestenbaum will become chairman of the ODA.

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