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Pau Gasol fears he's being stalked, calls police on paparazzi

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pau-gasol.JPGLos Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol needed the help of the police when he noticed two men following him before he got into his car Wednesday afternoon.

Gasol, fearing they might be stalkers, called the authorities, who stopped the black sedan the suspicious characters were in.

The men turned out to be Spanish paparazzi, presumably angling for those oh-so-hot Gasol pictures that are so big in his native land.

They were allowed to leave, and Gasol was escorted home.

The lanky, long-haired one is averaging 17.3 points and 11 rebounds per game this year.

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Damm, he should grab a gun then shoot them, what a pussycat...
For one time a celebrity has a little of common sense you are mocking at him? So great, you cranky $300 haircut looking $5 one on your native land, As*holetown

You sound jealous that Gasol gets all that attention, Kyle.

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