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Nick Schuyler talks about tragic boat accident on the 'Today' show

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Nick Schuyler, who watched three of his friends die in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico a year ago, appeared on the "Today" show this morning to talk about the tragic events.

Schuyler was on a boating trip with Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, Detroit Lions defensive end Corey Smith and Will Bleakley when their vessel capsized.  The former South Florida football player was the only one of the quartet who was rescued.

Talking with Matt Lauer, Schuyler spoke about the heartbreaking chain of events and displayed a tattoo he's gotten as a memorial to his friends.

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I don't now you but I was touch by story.

I am glad you told your story.

Don't worry about what everyone said!

You live that story they was not there .

You can't please every body.

Make your money from your book.

Before someone else will and make a movie about it.

Don't be a shame hold your head up.

People always looking for the worst.

People never want to hear the truth.

They always rather hear a lie.

Long as you believe what happen and god no what happen.

Good Luck

Donna James

Nick Schuyler, I'm very happy to see you alive well and enjoying life. You're family has been blessed and you are here for a reason.
I'm sad to hear about the others, and still to this day, i just can't see how they just would give up on there lives. Your interview said they went into hyper thermia,and fought but you didn't.My concern about this is that I was wondering, did any of you have boating experience. Did you or anyone on that boat take Boating Safety course. It's very sad that in Florida it is not mandatory to take boating courses. I sure if you or anyone was experienced and heard the news media then you would of known of that bad weather coming. Everyone would be alive today.
It's not your fault or any of the others. It's the fault of this Government for not enforcing stronger boating laws in Florida. If we establish stronger laws we would have less fatalities and less injuries in the water. But our politicians don't care. To drive a car, motorcycle or a plane, you have to take courses, pass a test and take out a license. In Florida, you can buy a boat and out you go. No courses, no testing just take off with no education. It's scary.
Anyhow, maybe this is something you should look into and get more families involved to change the laws in your State.Get Legislator to listen. Tell your story and make a difference in the community. In addition, it's nice that you wrote the book. I only hope and pray that your profits are being shared with the familys who have lost there brother, son, child. After all, the story is about four who went to sea.

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