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Mike Tyson to star in Animal Planet show about pigeon racing

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mike-tyson-pigeon.JPGFormer heavyweight boxing champion and tiger enthusiast Mike Tyson will star in an Animal Planet series that will feature -- wait for it -- pigeon racing.

The show, titled "Taking on Tyson", will showcase amateur pigeon racer Tyson against serious competitors, according to the Associated Press. That's right, the AP got to use the term "serious competitors" and apply it to pigeon racers.

Tyson has apparently raised pigeons all his life, but is just now getting into the glamorous world of racing them. The show is on track to be taped this spring in New York City and will air early next year.

How serious is this program going to be?

For that, we turn to an unbiased source.

"Tyson's passion for his pigeons takes my breath away," Animal Planet Media President Marjorie Kaplan said.

If you'd like to bone up on your knowledge of this parlor sport, may I suggest visiting the American Racing Pigeon Union Web site, where you will find all you need to know.

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Hello Mike,

That a former heavyweight Champion will start competing with race pigeons with other pigeon racers. Thats a good thing.
Mike goodluck and mayby you must compete against racepigeons from me in the future. When you have a little time you must look at our website.

greetings from the Netherlands,

Mees van Ginkel


I got sent this link by a friend and I love it! A former heavyweight boxing champion being so open about his love for racing pigeons is amazing. There is a large amount of people who spend almost every waking minute tending to their birds and hopefully this filming will show the world why!

Thanks for the great post, Koster, I've bookmarked your site in the hopes of a follow up article!

- Will Jones
UK Pigeon Racing Enthusiast

Hey Mike -- heres an Invite to Our Pigeon Chat Site - Hope to see ya on there and chat about this lovely hobby !!!!!!! Peace !! Mike

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