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Glove, stick used by Sidney Crosby in gold medal game are missing

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sidney-crosby-stick-gloves.JPGWe'd probably all agree that the gold medal hockey game between Canada and the United States wasn't missing anything.

Sidney Crosby, on the other hand, certainly is.

The gloves and stick he was using when he scored the game-winning goal in overtime Sunday have vanished.

The Pittsburgh Penguins superstar threw his equipment in the air during a jubilaint celebration after the clincher. After that, however, it's unclear what happened to them.

Hockey Canada official Johnny Misley says after the game, the equipment was collected and was put in the players' bags.

Misley says it's not clear if it was mixed in with other equipment or if it was taken -- and they don't want to speculate on what happened.

He says the Hockey Hall of Fame wants Crosby's stick for its collection and has already received some equipment from Team Canada's members.
The Hockey Hall of Fame has requested Crosby's stick for its collection.

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1 Comment

OK, it was me, I admit it ;-)

Sorry Sid, I'm keeping it for memory.

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