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Gilbert Arenas had 500 guns, admits he should be punished

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for gilbert-arenas-gun.jpgSuspended Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas said that he deserved to be punished in an interview with Esquire that hits newsstands next week.

Arenas told the magazine he wasn't using "longevity thinking" when he brought firearms into the team locker room, spurring a confrontation with teammate Javaris Crittendon.

Whatever that means.

Arenas pleaded guilty to a felony gun charge in January and was suspended from the NBA for the remainder of the season. The former All-Star still categorizes the incident that led to all of this as a "prank."

Also of note is the revelation that Arenas had up to 500 guns at his home, many of which he acquired from an elderly man's World War I collection. He said he'd put all but four into storage when he started having children.

Arenas said he is saddened that he has "messed up" the legacy of Wizards owner Abe Pollin, who died in November. He added that he's apologized to Polin's wife for his actions.

We will have to read the entire piece to get the full picture here, but I feel like everyone is going to read this and focus on the 500 guns. Kudos to Arenas for admitting that he got a just punishment, but perhaps you want to omit the part about your arsenal of weapons while awaiting sentencing for a gun-related offense.

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So he's guilty of two things. Breaking league policy and collecting antique guns. There are worse people out there.

This guy is ridiculous. I'm all for American's owning firearms, but this guy is obviously too irresponsible to handle them. The fact that he's got 500+ more to be dumb with is oh so encouraging for the future of private citizen's gun rights.

The funny thing is he should have never been charged with a crime to begin with. I know it's a hard concept for liberals to understand but shall not be infringed means just that. Furthermore Plaxico Burress should not be in jail. The only thing he should have been charged with is stupidity. Stupidity for not having a proper holster which was a major factor that caused his negligent discharge. Class dismissed.

These gun nuts are so unreasonable. "Stupidity for not having a proper holster which was a major factor that caused his negligent discharge" How can you possibly stand up Plaxico Burress? Irresponsible gun ownership should absolutely be a felony! Risking the lives of all the people around you by carrying a loaded firearm improperly out into public should only result in being charged with "stupidity"? How does that make any sense at all? If that bullet didn't land in his leg and instead into someone else, would you feel the same way? I own several firearms and there is nothing that makes me angrier than listening to other gun owners rant and rave about their "freedoms" being violated by the "liberals". Purchasing, possessing, and carrying firearms is such a joke in most states. All anyone is required to do is pass a background check and they can walk out with a deadly weapon with ZERO training, safety courses, or knowledge of firearms. Your rights END where other's rights BEGIN. "Class dismissed"

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