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Brett Favre and Jay Leno talk retirement, grounded pants

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Gray-bearded back-and-forth enthusiast Brett Favre chatted with Jay Leno on Leno's late-night show Thursday night and you wouldn't believe what he said about his football future.

OK, you probably will.

"It's only been a month and I know now that I'm not going to say anything anytime soon," Favre said when quizzed about his status. "I'm just going to sit back, relax and enjoy the off-season."

Leno then jokingly gave Favre a gold watch for his "retirement" -- something the host admitted NBC had given him previously.

"I haven't made a decision yet," Favre replied. "But, I'll take the watch."

Favre also said that he thought his biggest accomplishment in a stellar 2009 season was winning over a majority of the Minnesota Vikings fan base. No small feat when you consider all the years of bad blood between Favre and the purple-and-gold faithful.

Leno re-visited Favre's iconic "Pants on the Ground" celebration after Minnesota's playoff win over Dallas. That never gets old, right?

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I hope Brett comes back for 2 years, as Adrian Peterson said this week. But I really wanna see the o-line and d-line protect Favre better, ie. not just stand around while an opposing team takes cheap shot after cheap shot at him - to the point where, as he said on Leno, he couldn't even run at end of game! Lombardi told Jerry Kramer and Fuzzy Thurston to take KC defender out of game in SB1 for just mouthin' off - they broke his leg! Also Peterson got stuffed at line w no gain more than anyone in league.

Great Show For a Change.

i hope cry babie farve comes back, so the packers can take him out before he really retires. plus i dont feel like watching him cry on sports center everyday. lets have another flip flop friday in green bay. "come back trader"

I love brett favre and i would love for him to return. But i am afraid someone will sack and when they do it might be the end of his carear or it might not but i just want him 2 b happy!!:)

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