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Ben Roethlisberger admits sexual 'contact' with accuser

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Ben-Roethlisberger.jpgBen Roethlisberger met with police the night of his alleged sexual assault and denied having intercourse with his accuser, according to Pittsburgh-based KDKA.

Sources tell the station that the quarterback admits having sexual contact with the woman, who he said later slipped and injured her head.

Rothlisberger's high-profile attorney, Ed Garland, has publicly stated his client is completely innocent of any crime.

A defense attorney explains why Big Ben's admission of contact and subsequent injury could present a problem for his defense -- especially if prosecutors are able to gather any DNA evidence.

"Why does she have the bump on the head and theoretically, why do we have your DNA," says Bob Del Greco, "and why did she come to the hospital for this matter, because if it was a consensual matter and she bumped her head, should could have certainly have gone to the hospital and said, 'I bumped my head.'"
Obviously, that's not where this investigation is right now. Currently, Georgian investigators are asking for a sample of Roethlisberger's DNA. This would presumably used to match against samples taken from the woman, who was treated at a hospital the night of the alleged assault.

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STRIKE TWO! Is he getting a pass because he won two Super Bowls and is a white boy? Why is he not labeled an animal?

Considering what most restrooms in bars look like.....

Guilty or not, at this stage Roethlisberger has become the most stupid Steeler QB in history.

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