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Ben Roethlisberger accused of sexually assaulting woman

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For the second time in nine months, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman.

A 20-year-old student at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville has filed a sexual assault report, alleging that Roethlisberger was the perpetrator. The incident allegedly took place inside a nightclub late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

Roethlisberger is cooperating with the authorities, according to his agent.

He has already stood accused of raping a hostess at a Nevada resort during a July 2008 golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

That woman never went to the police, but rather sued Roethlisberger. That suit is currently on hold while a change of venue motion is considered.

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Hey Ben, didn't anybody ever tell you that nothing good happens after midnight? I suggest that you stay out of nightclubs. You are embarrassing yourself.

I'm with Ben all the way, as Adam West says "fifty Nos and a yes means yes"

Hey Ben,who do you think you are, Kobe B.

ben get married but prenup have kids stay out out of trouble.your still the number1 quarterback. stay away from money hungry b------

Is he slow? doesnt learn from previous events, past history, doesnt take professional advice? Or does he have a drinking problem? Or is he an addict, as in Tiger Woods kind of addict? Or does he just have a problem with the word NO?

Or are both of these cases just gold diggers, and of all the athletes in the world they pick him?

Irregardless of sports allegiance, something is terribly wrong here and needs closer review. I cant think of any person I've ever known who has been accused of this kind of assault once, let alone twice in a short period of time.

Wonder how many other there have been? Assaults or gold diggers?

Kyle Koster looks like a suspect in that picture... What's up with that? And to think you chose that.

Ok whoever wrote that article should seriously get his facts straight because Ben was NEVER accused of raping Andrea McNulty is her name he was accused of inapproriate fondling of her in no way shape or form was it RAPE! All I have to say is dont write about something that you have no idea about and give false information!

Kyle responds: From the aforementioned Gazette article:

"In the Nevada case, a 31-year-old woman accused Mr. Roethlisberger in a lawsuit of raping her in his hotel room at Harrah's Lake Tahoe in July 2008 while she worked as a VIP hostess during a celebrity golf tournament."

Not sure what happened... 27 year old, high profile, multy millionare.., hmmm could he have said no and she retaliated from the rejection. What's an under age coed getting in a night club any way?Not old enough to be in a bar legally but old enough to know where a source of revenue can come from.

I feel so bad for Ben. I highly doubt he did any of this. Now the poor guy's gonna be getting called a molester and crap. :(

COMMENT TO PRISCILLA: The Andrea McNulty vs. Ben Roethlisberger complaint is posted on the Internet in it's entirety. The allegation stipulates that "penetration" and "ejaculation" occurred, not just fondling.

Mr. Roethlisberger could very well be the unfortunate victim of ill-intentioned strangers turned opportunists AND SPEAKING AS A GOODWILL AMBASSADOR FOR PITTSBURGH I HOPE FOR HIS SAKE THAT IS THE CASE!!

In 2005 I was in the VIP at a strip district night club and ben came in. He was less than a gentleman with the ladies and he talked, acted and dressed like he was from the hood.

Nothing wrong with any of that if thats what one chooses for himself but as for me, I would never act like that in public.

No one hear knows what really happened - but we all know that a franchise quarterback making millions a year shouldn't be rattling around in college bars in a small town in Georgia hitting on underage coeds. Yes, you're a celeb. No, you don't have to act like a pig. Show some class and grow up.

Well, I know one thing for sure, if he wer Benjamin "Tyrone" Rothlisberger, his ass would have been suspended indefinately. Black, white, whatever, he is getting over far too long, if he did it or not. Little boys look at him as a role model too. So he needs to be accountable for the behavior not once but twice. Bottom line is that even in sports there's still a big difference in equality. He needs to get to know himself if he's that desperate for sexual release! He needs to get a GRIP!!

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