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Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras get into verbal fight at charity event

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Former Current tennis rivals Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras got into a very public war of worlds, turning a charity match awkward for all involved Friday night.

During an event to raise money for earthquake victims in Haiti, the two fierce competitors let the action spiral into a back-and-forth battle of who could get the best zinger. And, as most verbal confrontations do, it culminated in someone hitting a tennis ball at the other.

Agassi and teammate Rafael Nadal were leading the team of Sampras and Roger Federer for most of the night, before Sampras started taking things a little too serious for Andre. In his recent book, Agassi wrote that his foil was as robotic as a parrot.

"You always have to get serious, huh Pete?'' he said.

Sampras countered by doing an impression of Agassi's pigeon-toed walk, which caused the bandanna and camera enthusiast to go for the throat.

He pulled out his pockets and said, "I don't have any money. I just like ... I ..."

Agassi had also written that Sampras was a notoriously bad tipper.

Sampras answered by serving the ball at his instigator. Not hard, mind you. But, still, on a night that was supposed to be about charity, it definitely got weird.

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Remember, Sampras started this by ridiculing a physical condition of Andre's, something he has done in the past while Andre only imitated Pete's serving posture before. Anyone with intelligence knows a physical condition is not amusing. Pete got what he deserved.

As a big Andre Agassi fan and after reading Andre's book - finding out about his physical condition which led to his pigeon toed walk, it does seem totally mean spirited what Sampras seems to consider is funny. You know if you have to defend yourself and protest too much - well usually it is true - so bet he is a poor tipper and he had an awful temper in CT and it was against the ball kids who had nothing to do with what was going on in his head. Andre may have ranted alot but it was never towards the ball kids as he was actually funny with them and they all enjoyed his re-positioning of them and they actually felt he noticed them. Besides the match was for charity - so why did Sampras feel the need to partner up with the best - Roger when it would have been so much more fun to have PS play with Rafa and Roger with Andre? You know why - TO WIN PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

Read Sampras' book and then read Agassi's book and it all becomes clearer. Sampras took zero shots at Agassi while Agassi took a swipe at practically everyone he knows including Pete. Agassi was especially petty when it came to Pete. With Agassi's lack of class in writing his book hanging in the air, Andre continues to needle Pete and then on national TV and a packed stadium he calls him cheap. Wow...what a loser. It's no wonder he was a meth-head. Pete was more than justified to fire one at his head. Any self respecting man would have done the same if not more.

It was obvious who was the better man out there, and how little tennis matters when it comes to being a good person.

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