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You can't tell me Google's Super Bowl commercial wasn't the best

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You run into to so many people who say, "Oh, I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials."

And that's fine. They get out of the four-hour hypefest exactly what they want to get out of it.

But, I always feel like they are missing out, because so many of us love the football and the commercials. How can we possibly explain our level of excitement and euphoria to someone only looking forward to the interludes?

With that in mind, let me offer my unsolicited opinion on the night's best ad.

It was, without a doubt in my mind, the Google spot.

If you somehow missed it, here it is in all its sappy glory.

Now, admittedly, I'm a bit susceptible to emotion-based advertising, but this simplistic ad really seemed to drive home how the company impacts many people's lives.

It was not related to football, no one got punched in the gonads and there were no talking animals, but it still worked.

Feel free to tell me which ads were better and why.

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You're right. Probably overlooked by most since the ad makers seem to think you have to play to the lowest common denominator (guys in their underwear and talking babies??!).

It's apparent that you've been neutered, Kyle.

Great ad: told the Google story using the product. Great classic marketing and advertising at it's finest. Hat's off to Google.

I totally loved this commercial and I was the only one who appreciated it at the super bowl party. Number one commercial!

What about Dodge? Audi?

Take a look at The San Diego News Network's best and worst list and let the debate begin

I thought it was a great commercial everyone at the Superbowl party I was at kept saying how they loved Google and how simple and easy it is when it came on and the music was great too.

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