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Video: Oprah Winfrey tried to wipe off Drew Brees' birthmark

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When you're the Super Bowl MVP, you get the privilege of making the rounds on the talk-show circuit.  And as Drew Brees found out, sometimes you can get more than you bargained for.

Here is a clip of the New Orleans Saints quarterback greeting Oprah Winfrey, who proceeds to attempt to wipe the birthmark off of Brees' face. The episode aired apparently aired yesterday (got to admit I missed it).

The online buzz is beginning to crackle, with a lot of people wondering how Oprah could not have known what was going on. It's very plausible that she was just joking around, but it seems like an inappropriate joke if that's the case.

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It was inappropriate and no joke, her way of putting him in his place before the interview. Something must not have gone her way prior to the interview and she needed to set it straight, that she was in charge, right from the get-go

I think it really takes a great dare to be in the hot seat at the Oprah Winfrey and i simply feels that the guest can be screwed at any moment,the Oprah has the smart ability to twist the guest in his or her own contridictions,i use to watch it on the go,thanks to video sharing resources that made the entertainment accessable any time.

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