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Tracy Porter's Super Bowl INT gets the Tecmo treatment

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Good morning, sports fans/nerds.

We're beginning to learn that when something transcendent happens in football, a certain sect of people will fire up the ol' Tecmo machine and come up with a video tribute.

Why should Tracy Porters' 74-yard, Super Bowl-clinching interception return be any different?

Here it is in all its 16-bit glory.

Still can't tell whether to blame electronic Petyon Manning or electronic Reggie Wayne. 

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1 Comment

"Manning back to throw. He's got Wayne in a quick slant over the middle. *PICKED OFF ! * * PICKED-OFF!* TRACY PORTER INTERCEPTED PEYTON MANNING IN FULL STRIDE SPRINTING INTO THE END ZONE ! Porter waited timed the pass perfectly, stepped in front of Wayne in perfect stride and was gone. And the Saints are up 30-17 with 03:21 to go here in the Fourth Quarter of Super Bowl XLIV. "

"What are you Boy? Some kind of 'Doomsday Machine'? .............Secret Agent? On whose side? "

Sheriff J.W. Pepper
Parish Sheriff
New Orleans, Louisiana
Clifton James
United Artists


* * * 2010 (5770-Half Week Year Four of 'Week-in-View': Age of Global Apostasy Megadealer) WORLD CHAMPION NEW ORLEANS SAINTS * * *

Miami, Florida

New Orleans Saints (+5) 31
Indianapolis Colts. 17 Final


"Yeah you got a Colt in the Super Bowl Final in Miami. Got a line on him? We got him at (-5). Minus five? The line was only minus three four days ago. So aren't you glad you waited but don't wait any longer. The line is bound to go down. This Colt can't be that good."

Las Vegas, Nevada

"I just wanted these boys to remember what They are 'Fighting For'"

Bob Hope


"Ever since he was a young Madrassa boy
He played for your silver hierloom ball
From Chicago down to Boston,
He must have coveted them all.
But Americans ain't seen nothing like him
In any Capitol Hill Federal Government tarradiddle amusement hall
That Court-Sealed, dumb and Hollywood makeup shiny kid
Sure plays a mean economic gridlock.

He stands like a COP15 (555*World*Flesh*Devil) Copenhagen Climate Covenant Summit Zeus policy statue (Daniel 11:36, Mark 13:14, Matthew 24:15 (555*World*Flesh*Devil))
Becomes part of the Ben Bernanke PSK Federal Reserve machine.
Feeling all the GM 'Government Motors' plastic bumpers.
Always playing $cam alternative energy clean
He plays by intuition.
The Geithner Schulman PSK IRS digit counters fall.
That Islamic, dumb and swine flu kid. (Eye of Beholder-Twilight Zone 1960)
Sure plays a mean economic gridlock.

There's got to be a twist.
He's got such a supple Harvard (42*6666666*) wrist.

How do you think he does IT? (Stephen King-1990)
(I don't know)
What makes him so good?

He ain't got no distractions.
Can't hear those Civilian Tea Party buzzers and Southern Sarah Palin Bells
Don't see Defense Department warning lights a flashing.
Plays by an Indonesian sense of smell.
Always gets a Henry Paulson PSK tarradiddle memoir bailout TARP Stimulus replay.
Never tilts at all.
That Pharoah, dumb and lying kid,
Sure plays a mean gridlock.

I thought I was
The Bally Sphinx table Egyptian Tutenkhamenei Boy king
But I just handed,
My pyramid Ramses II economic gridlock crown to him. (Where the Crazy Things Are-2009)

Even on my usual private Medical sector table
He can beat my Health Care cardio ER chest.
His naïve Chris Matthews Keith Olberman PSK (Lucius-Planet of Apostate Jew Apes1968) MSNBC disciples vote him in,
And he just does the rest.
He's got crazy Hawaiian flipper fingers,
Never seen him fall
That left, dumb and portent sign kid,
Sure plays a mean gridlock. "

Roger Daltry
Peter Townshend
Legendary British Rock Band
Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show
Miami, Florida
February 7, 2010

5 Sheriff J.W. Pepper

Sheriff J.W. Pepper is a comic relief recurring character in the James Bond films Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun. He is portrayed by Clifton James.

Sheriff J.W. Pepper is a Parish sheriff from Louisiana in the USA.

In Live and Let Die, the Sheriff follows the Gulf Coast Mississippi delta boat chase between Bond and several other people connected with Kananga (Yaphet Kotto), a mega Caribbean Drug Lord with connections as far south as San Monique and Jamaica. The local Parish Sheriff attempts to arrest Bond but finds out that he is a secret agent from London, England. He doesn't have much success catching any of Kananga's henchmen or Bond. Unfortunately, James Bond unknowingly causes trouble for himself when the speedboat he was operating flew out of the water and across the canal road where Pepper has stopped one of the henchmen. A following boat landed in Pepper's squad car, allowing the ubiquitous henchman to escape, giving him an opportunity to pursue and attack Bond. Sheriff Pepper accidentally shoots the gas tank on Bond's boat, requiring him to swap boats in the next scene. When Pepper finally catches up to Bond, he was ready to arrest him, but NY CIA Felix Leiter has a Louisiana State Police Captain try and explain the intricate situation to Pepper, resulting in Pepper's flabbergasted response, "A secret agent!? On whose side?


Louisiana Parish Sheriff

New Orleans, Louisiana Relatives

Wife: Maybelle
Brother-in-law: Billy-Bob

Portrayed  by

Clifton James

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