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Tom Watson would like Tiger Woods to clean up his act

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tom-watson-tiger-woods.jpgOne of golf's elder statesmen is saying that Tiger Woods has to clean up his act in order to make a truly successful comeback to the game.

Tom Watson spoke about Woods' eventual return to the links, saying that the embattled golfer needs to show some humility to the public.

The sixty-year-old Watson echoed many of the same sentiments others have expressed about Woods needing to win back his family and the public, but also took him to task for his on-course behavior.

"I feel that he has not carried the same stature that other great players that have come along like Jack [Nicklaus], Arnold [Palmer], Byron Nelson, the Hogans, in the sense that there was language and club throwing on the golf course," Watson said. "You can grant that of a young person that has not been out here for a while. But I think he needs to clean up his act and show the respect for the game that other people before him have shown."
It's fine advice, but I can't be the only one sick of hearing every golfer other than Tiger weigh in on Tiger. Eventually, the actual golf is going to have to become the story, right?

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When Tom Watson was born (1949), people with Tiger's skin color did not have the right to vote...much less play golf.

Keith...what's your point? That it's racist to suggest a little decorum and civility especially with children present in his viewing audience? Get a grip dude-

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