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Tom Herrion struck by thrown object during West Virginia-Pitt game

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The Backyard Brawl almost turned into a real-life brouhaha.

Pitt assistant coach Tom Herrion appeared to be hit with a coin thrown from the stands during West Virginia's 70-51 victory over the Panthers. After the game, Mountaineers coach Bob Huggins was seen asking Herrion about the visible bruise underneath his eye.

Earlier, play was delayed after several items were thrown on the court. Huggins grabbed a courtside microphone and told the crowd to not be stupid.

It was a message they couldn't seem to grasp.

Don't throw things, people. Don't throw things.

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I went to the basketball game last night. I drove 3 hours to the game to support my team, and all I can say is that it was a sad sight. I love WV, but that is not acceptable and we need to apologize to Pitt. The school needs to take more control over the student section, and make sure that these things don't happen. I am embarrassed by their actions, and hope that this will change soon.

Actually the student section is on the opposite end of the court. Would have been a very impressive throw to hit him with a coin from that far away.

That coin wasn't thrown from the student section. Watch it again. It comes from behind the basket nearest Pitt's bench. The student section is on the side opposite the team benches.

Shameful conduct on the part of a few WVU fans. Unfortunately, they represent us all and I am embarrassed sitting here watching this ugly display. Perhaps if "Huggie" would set a better tone by dressing a little more professionally and cleaning up his language, then we could refer to him as a positive force for the "U". Too often his coaching ability is obscured by his tacky dress-down image.

It was wrong, but WVU will never apologize to PITT!

WV need to forfeit the game!

I was so proud of West Virginia fans and players when they honored slain UConn cornerback Jasper Howard at a game. We were finally overcoming our stereotype and couch burning days. We may never overcome this. It may do the fans good to read the positive feedback we had honoring Jasper Howard at:


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