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Tearful Kendra Wilkinson Super Bowl pictures prompt explanation

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kendra-wilkinson-crying-super-bowl.jpgPictures of a very emotional Kendra Wilkinson leaving the Super Bowl crying have been making the rounds on the Internet, prompting the E! reality star and wife of Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Hank Baskett to offer an explanation.

Wilkinson explained via twitter, "I wasn't cryin cuz of the damn game it's cuz the paparazzi have no soul. they wouldn't leave me n family alone!!!! we asked them to stop cuz of the baby n they were way too close n they didn't care at allllllll"
Her husband, of course, was unable to recover the New Orleans Saints' onside kick to begin the second half -- a play that proved crucial.

The former Playboy Playmate told the Associated Press before that the game that she was extremely nervous. Turns out it was for good reason.

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People need to realize that it is a 2 month old baby shes holding they need to keep there distant

Go Kendra! Watch out for that baby

leave her alone or i will cut you, just kidding

She doesn't mind stripping all her clothes off for attention from the media but she's upset becuase the media wants to take a pic of her and the baby at the Super Bowl. I think when she says the media has no soul she's really speaking of herself, you see, she sold hers a long time ago.

Omg ifeel so bad for Kendra that is so say the paprazzi dnt realize that that is a new born they have to have respect and let people be sometime if they asked but Kendras a strong girl she make it.

I dont blame Kendra i would protect mines 2 and for the person that said kendra sold her soul get a life your a hater if I had a great figure like that I would pose 4 Playboy 2 Playboy is classy not trashy and the playgirls have a ball they young, pretty and got a rich man that would give them the world so I could understand why u would hate and one last thing Kendra could take your man or your woman whatever u like !!!

To "zibgnew": Your post smells. It smells of ignorance and is judgmental. Stick your head in a hole and shut up your garbage mouth. Kendra is beautiful both inside and out. She's not perfect. I'm not perfect. You're not perfect. "zibgnew" is writing like an idiot. Wake up, zibgnew, and smell reality and get a brain if you were ever born with enough of a brain, and ask God to change your heart thru the love, compassion, mercy, life and blood of perfect Jesus who gave His life for all our sins and the perfect Jesus rose from the dead and is willing to forgive even someone imperfect like zibgnew. And, zibgnew, ask our Creator to give you a brain that works. He's done miracles before.
Go Kendra!!! :)

To Karenon, You complain about Z. being judgmental and then start to make your stupid judgements of him right away! Listen I think making judgements is a very important thing, obviously, you do too. The only thing that stinks here is your ignorance. That "Woman" Sold her privacy a lonnnng time ago... & Then going on your BRAINLESS CHRISTIAN RANT-Right after you did what what you so despise. The Irony. BTW you DO KNOW CHRIST WAS A JEW-RIGHT?

Do any of you even have kids? This doesn't have anything to do with her playboy status or her celebrity status. This has to do with her human rights. Have any of you ever seen how shamelessly the paparazzi swarm celebrities? When your a new mother (like Kendra is) your emotions are still running high. Your hormones are trying to get back to normal and just as you are during pregnancy, you're extremely emotional. That being said, it is perfectly understandable for her to have gotten that upset with paparazzi coming at her from all angles while she is carrying her new baby. Can you imagine what that must feel like, she's already upset her husband lost the superbowl, and now there are bright flashes everywhere she looks. She was scared for her little baby. If any of you are moms, you would understand. And for all you religious hypocrites, if you're a good christian, you shouldn't pass judgement unto others. I can pass judgement all I want, I don't label myself with a religion. I believe in God and God believes in me. That's all I need. Stop making this a debate over religion and cut the girl some slack.

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