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Snowboard champion Hannah Teter defends swimsuit photos

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hannah-teter-swimsuit.jpgHere is the natural order of things:

1. A female athlete poses for a sexed-up pictorial in a magazine

2. Said athlete gets criticized for the shoot

3. Athlete defends herself in the wake of the criticisms

Today's contestant in that game is U.S. snowboarder Hannah Teter, who talked with the press about her bikini-clad appearance in this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

"I was really amped up to do that because I don't believe in the criminalization of bodies and women having to be ashamed of their bodies," Teter told Reuters. "That's just so wrong."

Teter, who won a gold medal at the 2006 Games, has also made news recently for selling underwear to
support Doctors Without Borders.

She'll also find time to do some actual competing while defending her gold.

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I do not think it is about being ‘ashamed’ of our bodies or the ‘criminalization’ of bodies; it is about self-respect and showing value and reverence for our bodies. It is not that just women should avoid being part of this type of smut, but every decent human being should avoid it. Having self-discipline and a sense of self-worth and pride should prevent women (and men) from casually displaying the gift of their bodies for money or for any other reason. You are an Olympian and an example for young women; you should act like it. The self-respecting male athletes are not running to strip for a magazine... Why be so gullible?

First of all millions of women wear bikini swimsuits everyday, and nothing is said about them degrading themselves.
Second, she posed for a credited sports magazine who does this type of issue every year.
Third, what about the summer Olympic athletes such as Misty May and Kerri Walsh who wear bikini swimsuits while competing.

Enough said!



People, there are so many more worthwhile issues, focus your uptight energy there. You go Hannah! The pics are beautiful and tasteful. Congrats on your win! The Lee family of Belmont, VT

I am sick and tired of these women running around in bras and panties and calling them "swimsuits". The are "comfortable in their skin, comfortable with their bodies." The women of even 50 years ago would turn 20 shades of red wearing these "swimsuits" in public. Not to mention the everyday wear of the teenage girls today, heavily influenced by the celebrities like Teeter and Vonn and Danica Patrick. This is also a main reason for all of the promiscuous sex going on in high schools and college today, the guys all think "she wants it" because of the way these girls are dressing. These celebrities are horrendous role models for today's teen age women.

Be an athlete, or be a porn star. Not both.

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