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Police find lack of evidence against Steven Jackson in girlfriend-beating case

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steven-jackson.jpgSt. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson won't face criminal charges after police investigated allegations that he assaulted his then-nine-months-pregnant girlfriend.

Investigators found insufficient evidence that the 26-year-old football player attacked Supriya Harris.

"Our investigation is complete," said Las Vegas police Officer Barbara , a department spokeswoman. "I don't think the time passage was a factor here. We contacted the victim, the accused and witnesses. There's insufficient evidence to go forward with the case."

Copies of the complaint from Harris were plastered all over the Internet and included allegations that Jackson had thrown her to the ground repeatedly and flung her against a door.

Jackson issued a statement calling these charges "untrue" and "hurtful."

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1 Comment

Boy K. Koster, I can tell you're really making good use of Sun-Times $$!!!

S. Jackson, the Tecmo Bowl Youtube video and the G. Hill naked photo story.... ALL STORIES THAT CAN BE FOUND ON DEADSPIN.COM!

Linda S.

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