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Plaxico Burress promises to return to the NFL

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nfl_plaxico-giants-shot-nightclub_burress_580.jpgIncarcerated former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress is vowing to return to the NFL when his two-year prison sentence for violating state gun laws is up.

In an interview with Bill Cowher that will air on Super Bowl Sunday, Burress talks about his desire to make it back to the bigs.

He's working out four times a week, relying heavily on push-ups and sit-ups.

At least one solid football mind is taking him seriously.

"He looked me in the eye. I believe he was sincere," Cowher said. "I think I know him well enough to know that ...

"He admittedly blames no one except himself. He's had a lot of time to reflect. He's had great, unwavering support from his wife. ... It's been an eye-awakening situation for him. He had a daughter born when he was in prison. It's very sobering to be in there. When you walk through the door, and you listen to him talk, you can see it's very genuine."

Burress is set to be released from prison in July 2011.

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Once you let someone who has behaved like Michael Vick back in the league, how can you say no to Burress? He did something stupid, illegal, and dangerous, but ended up hurting no one but himself. Compare that to Vick, who did things that were vicious and evil, and who still does not seem to be all that sorry about anything except getting caught.

Bears need plax

Gee, Itty, you forgot to mention greed and hate. Buzz words. Burress is a felon and whoever hires him upon his release from prison knows that. NFL owners, in their GREED, will try out Burress because they HATE upstanding citizens that are mediocre football players. The fact that they're businessmen whose goal is to produce profits (often enhanced with playoff excellence), they make a business decision with regard to production instead of 'family values.'

keep the faith plax...we love you!

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