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Planned Parenthood responds to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad

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Planned Parenthood has released a response to the controversial Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad in which his mother is expected to talk about her decision to not have an abortion. That spot, backed by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, has drawn the ire of women's groups.

The Planned Parenthood commercial features former Minnesota Viking Sean James and Olympic gold medalist Al Joyner. The duo talk about how they respect Mrs. Tebow's decision, but are looking forward to the day when "every woman's decision about her health and her family will be respected."

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I had told someone earlier that there is no way to run a pro-abortion ad, which is why they attack pro-life ads. I rest my case.
James and Joyner will no doubt be hailed as champions of women's rights. What about the rights of the unborn child? These "men" should be glad their moms chose life.

All the pro-choice (pro-abortion) groups are up in arms for an ad that talks about Mrs. Tebow CHOOSING to finish a pregnancy. So, if she made a CHOICE, why are you upset? Isn't the CHOICE to complete a pregnancy a viable choice...or are you truly about terminating pregnancies...regardless of the woman's CHOICE??

Did it ever occur to anyone that had our government and our churches not stuck their noses into this it wouldn't be an issue? Religious beliefs should never be legislated and legislation should never interfere in a persons choices about their own body.

The deception is that it's a "health decision" for the woman. It's a "convenience" decision. What about respecting the life of the unborn child?!

Sorry Mr. Joynor. You are wrong. Your daughter does not have the Right to destroy the life of YOUR grandbaby.

Sorry Mr. Joynor. You are wrong. Your daughter does not have the Right to destroy the life of YOUR grandbaby.

How is killing your daughter's unborn baby "supportive?"

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