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Mississippi State fans throw water bottles at Kentucky players

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Kentucky's dramatic 81-75 overtime victory over Mississippi State last night was marred by an ugly incident before the final buzzer in which fans threw water bottles onto the court.

Official Mike Kitt and Wildcat freshman John Wall were almost hit with the projectiles, and the game was delayed while the mess was cleaned up.

The moronic behavior came after a great game -- one that featured a shorthanded Bulldogs team hanging tough with second-ranked Kentucky before running out of steam in overtime.

Wildcats' DeMarcus Cousins, who was subjected to all sorts of nasty phone calls and text messages after his cell phone number got out, responded with 19 points and 14 rebounds.

You'll recall that a Feb. 3 game between West Virginia and Pittsburgh was sullied by coin-throwing.

I have no idea what compels fans to throw things at players, but it's got to stop.

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While throwing things is unacceptable. The job the refs pulled on Miss St was something else. Kentucky was almost handed that game.

Look up "Redneck" in the dictionary: Mississippi State Fan

Handed the game? They FINALLY started calling fouls on the home team, and we were handed the game? You need to rewind and watch the game again. And I am not surprised by Miss St fans at all. They have ALWAYS been a bunch of sore losers. They should be, they get enough practice at it.

I think they were sore losers!! I mean the game wasnt handed to them, why dont you look up "sore losers" in the dictionary!! Go Kentucky!!!!!!!

Look up repeat offender: John Calipari

It's irresponsible journalism to imply that the 3 or 4 people who threw items on the court are representative of the whole university or even the whole state.

Mississippi State is embarrassed about the conduct of a handful of its fans, but resorting to namecalling (redneck) doesn't make you any better than the guy throwing things.

Ken_Zo-1 why is it that when a team wins it's because the refs gave it to them? I guess all those refs in all the games (except one) have just loved Kentucky so much they have handed them all those too? Kentucky is a good basketball team and they worked for all the wins they have. And, I might add, the students (fans) at UK have class and are respectful young people, unlike the rude behavior shown last night.

nobody was throwing at kentucky players...they were throwing at officials

Finally started calling fouls on MSU? Were you watching the same game? Statistically, MSU fouls less than any team in the nation. Varnado hasn't fouled out of a game all year. The refs called double the fouls on MSU than they usually make. Double. And by the way, at first, the fans were throwing water at the refs. The refs decided this one

During the 5 minutes of overtime, Miss. State was called for 9 fouls and Kentucky was called for 0.. 28 total for Miss. State and 17 for UK.. You don't go from leading the nation with fewest fouls per game, 14, to twice that many.. The SEC will apparently do anything to keep its #1 team at the top

Not that throwing anything is acceptable, but the bottles were aimed at the referees, not UK players and coaches. ESPN tried to narrate the conflict as being between Miss. State fans and UK when it was actually between Miss. State fans and the refs! Every single MSU fan was frustrated and disgusted as the referees continued to make obviously biased calls. MSU fans are not sore losers because we’re quite familiar to the fact. We just don’t like being robbed.. (As SportsCenter just showed the uncalled goaltending toward the end of OT)

I am not a fan of either team. It's not classy for a few students to throw water bottles at the refs or players. However, for UK fans to think they are classy is a HUGE stretch. I would rather be shot than go anywhere near Lexington as their fans are just as rude (if not worse because they think they are somewhat elite) and no better than any other team's fans. Try getting water bottles thrown at you as you walk down a Lexington street on your way to a football game -- all because you are wearing the colors of the opposing team. How classy is that? Why don't you crazy UK fans look up the word "redneck" in the dictionary because it seems you might have the word confused with something else.

Does MSU foul less than any team in the nation, or is MSU called for fouls less than any team in the nation? Sounds to me like maybe the Bulldogs are the ones receiving special treatment, and they STILL can't win.

Look out, MSU fans, I don't know if the NIT folks will take kindly to your kind of shenanigans.

They call Kentucky people "rednecks"??? What about idiotic fans whot throw crap on the floor? That is redneck!!!! Keep up the good work MSU. We deserve a big fat fine from the SEC and NCAA for your awesome actions!!! I am ashamed to be a Bulldog today. We have so much to be proud of.

If yall are #2: you are dead on I have never seen such terrible officiating in my life. There were goaltending cald missed, false fouls called, charges not called on ky. It was like a circus, no wonder the state fans were so upset they were robbed. Anyone that says any different watch the overtime of the game with a truly objective stance and you will really start to think that the NCAA is much more worried about money than letting some teams duke it out on the court. Also if your bored just look up some sort of story on sec officials during the Arkansas v. Flordia football game. And the msu lsu game if those don't make you start scratching your head then you are just a complete skeptic. No wonder coaches, commentators etc. Will be fined if they talk about officiating, it's not to stay classy it's to keep the media from calling out the NCAA and getting spotlight shed on the untruthful things going on up there.

I have been in just about every football stadium in the SEC and Big Ten. There is only one place I will NEVER return to-Starkville. I had some random (I assume drunk) fan get in my face for no reason other than I had the wrong colors on. It has to be the worst "game day" experience to football. No traffic control, no parking, the concessions are poorly run, not enough restrooms-the place is a total disaster.

There were bad calls made on both sides of the ball. That was a goaltend on Wall that turned the tide of the game when we went down and hit 2 free throws. Thats a 4 point swing. The officials did a terrible job with the clock, but noticed it 2 out the 4 times it didnt start. Remember the start of the 2nd half when they called about 7 fouls on both teams within the first 3 minutes? Both teams were in the bonus at the same time but it just so happens that your best player was the one riding pine because the refs. Take a look at how many times our low post was fouled on putbacks. REGARDLESS- There is no excuse to call any student athelete the N Word and call/text over 1,000 times a day. Throwing water is just ignorant. You got beat. Played above average. But lost respect throughout the nation because of your actions. I have been to every SEC venue and I will tell you without a doubt that the florida fans are the biggest jerks for heckling Gerald Fitch days after his grandma died chanting 'grandma' 'grandma'. I love the game and hate to see these actions.

Too bad they dont sell beer at NCAA events because then fans would get crunk and be assholes instead of being just regular assholes.

"By Ken_Zo_1 on February 17, 2010 7:53 AM
While throwing things is unacceptable. The job the refs pulled on Miss St was something else. Kentucky was almost handed that game."

Technical foul - Vernardo temper tantrum on the floor - NOT CALLED ON MISS St.



OVER THE BACK (multiple occurances) - NOT CALLED ON MISS ST. (To be fair, this is never called against any team that plays UK. It appears officials feel that because of UK's size advantage, they should even it out by never calling it)

Personal foul - Uppercut to Cousins' jaw from VERNARDO - ILLEGAL SHOT BLOCK CALLED ON DEMARCUS COUSINS.

Shall I continue Ken, or have I made my point? Most of this was during regulation play. Had the game been called fairly, UK would have won by 12 +/- 3.

Any questions?

Miss.State had a chance to put the nail in the coffin.They were up 7 points in the 4th!!Instead of getting back up the court and playing d,they were caught up with "pulling the upset" and let bledsoe,wall and patterson bring them back.And why would you draw up a stupid 3 point shot for your last play?!? Go down the lane draw the foul maybe make the bucket and get the and1 end the game in regulation...Again the refs made few bad calls...state had the chance to end it!!!

All I can say is,,, UK Rules muhahahahaha

it's not the refs fault at all. They only called double the fouls because MSU hasnt faced a team like kentucky a huge team. Sure everyone wants to blame it on the refs, face the facts kentucky is the 2nd biggest team. And the calls and text messages as well as throwing stuff, was complete ignorance you bunch of sore fu(kin losers.

Mississippi state fans are not redneck. just because were are from mississippi does not make us stupid. Plenty of people have gotten in trouble for throwing things at games not just mississippi state fans who are so called "rednecks." Mississippi state is no more redneck than kentucky.

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