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Madison Square Garden proposal fails during Rangers-Lightning game

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Far be it for me to tell everyone how to live their lives, but if one is going to propose at the world's most famous arena in front of a packed house, one should be pretty confident the answer is going to be "yes."

For some poor guy at Madison Square Garden yesterday, this advice is too little, too late. A star-crossed fan decided to pop the question during the New York Rangers-Tampa Bay Lightning game, with the help of the scoreboard.

A Valentine's Day tradition, no?

To say it didn't go as expected would be an understatement.

We're assuming this is real and not a stunt pulled off by two attention-crazy fans. If so, it's absolutely crippling millions of males who yearn to morph their two loves of sport and women into one gelatinous sphere of pleasure.

I've had the conversation about the in-game proposal with several women before, and my informal straw pole suggests this is not something that is looked on kindly. But gentlemen, if you insist on doing it, make sure you're going to get the right answer.

Or end up an unwitting Internet celebrity. 

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1 Comment

I'm pretty sure that this was a viral marketing hoax executed by - by cousin works at Madison Square Garden and that's what he was saying.

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