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Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins break down JaMarcus Russell's jewelry

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EMBED-JaMarcus Russell's Bling Holding Back His Game - Watch more free videos

Here we have TNT's NBA guys Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins talking about Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell's jewelry selection during a recent telecast.

They seem a little put off by it.

"If he spent as much time in the film room as he did at the jewelry store, he'd be a much better quarterback," Harlan opined.

Collins, for his part, seems legitimately flabbergasted that a millionaire athlete would wear such items.

Not 100 percent sure why what Russell chooses to spend his money on is any of their concern, but at least we know have their takes on the bling.

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This is the reason we need a rookie salary cap regardless of when he is picked, this is sick, there is no incentive anymore to improve your craft, one good Bowl game from college and your a freaking millionare. This is plain wrong and a disgrace to the sport and all those former players who still suffer the indignity of proper care, want to givee money away? Give it to those that did earned it long ago and made this sport great.

I'm so sick of this.


Viva Los Malosos

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