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Former coach: John Harkes dumped from World Cup team for sleeping with Eric Wynalda's wife

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Former U.S. Soccer coach Steve Sampson said he dumped John Harkes from the 1998 World Cup team because he was having an affair with teammate Eric Wynalda's wife.

This revelation broke 11 years of silence from the former head man, who was heavily criticized for his decision.

Wynalda said brought up the situation on "Fox Football Fone-In" because of the current English soccer scandal involving John Terry and Wayne Bridge.

"There's a lot of similarities between what happened to us in '98 and what's happening now to England," Wynalda told the AP. "It's an unfortunate time for England, because I know how that can affect a team firsthand. Obviously, we all know how we did in the World Cup in '98."
Sampson said he was relieved to have the sordid details of the pre-World Cup drama come to light because it may help explain the U.S.' last-place finish.
Harkes, who served as team captain for the 1990 and 1994 World Cups, has long denied any affair took place.

"I am not going to rehash the things that have happened in the past," Harkes said on Tuesday in a telephone interview. "1998 was devastating to me and my family. It was hard enough not to play in the World Cup, but it was even difficult to go through that time period, the most difficult time period of my life."

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Imagine what teams would look like if more of them did this. Crazy.

No wonder ESPN hired Harkes, he fits right in with their corporate culture.

John being John. I was a very close childhood friend of John's and at a party in my parents house he attempted to hook up with my girl with me only 10 feet away. He made a total A -hole out of himself and he was engaged to his wife at the time. John being John.

This is nobodies business, especially at this point.

^^ what harkes does is his business and no one else's

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