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Controversial timeout helps Syracuse past UConn

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syracuse-timeout.jpgLast night's rematch of the epic six-overtime Big East Tournament thriller between Syracuse and UConn was not without its share of intrigue ... and controversy.

The Huskies stormed back late to tie the game at 65 with under a minute left, before the Orange's Andy Rautins bricked a three-pointer. Then, things got complicated.

Syracuse corralled the offensive rebound and kicked it out to Scoop Jardine, who could have held on for the last shot of regulation. Instead, he inexplicably took the ball hard to the rack, getting blocked and turning it over in the process.

But the officials somehow awarded Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim a timeout, negating the whole play.

Replays didn't answer the question of if the timeout should have been awarded. To the naked eye, it sure looks like the ball was not in Jardine's possession when the signal for stoppage was made.

The rulebook weighs in, stating a timeout is, "granted and charged after a player or head coach makes a visual or oral request" and "when a player of that team is in control of the ball." The key word there is granted because that means Jardine needed to still be in possession until official John Cahill granted Boeheim's timeout request.

Still tough to call. Do you think the officials blew this one, or did it look legit to you?

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from your headline to the contents of your post, this lacks objectivity. understand that the stoppage of play was never in question by officials because they were the ones stopping play. the coach (JB) saw his player's intended move and pulled the plug with an official within earshot. in no way could the officials stop the progress of that player, who had no clue it happened in the first place... oh and it happened over the course of three seconds... and oh, if scoop converted on that drive, the points would have been waved off just the same.

oh and UCONN had plenty of time to pull this out after the controversial play. instead their play selection and penetration was weak. syracuse won.

I'm a UCONN grad and a fan forever. And I hate losing to 'Cuse. But I take my lumps and deal with it. But this was just a horrible call by the refs. They blew it and it stinks to lose that way. I'd rather see a blow out or a team battle to the end based on pure skill and desire than to see a team get robbed like this. Not to mention they gave Boeheim a time out a few seconds before that when Routin slipped and should have been called for traveling.

The call was poor but typical for the home team. If you watch the replay, Boeheim isn't even in the frame (more than 5' away from the ref) when the shot is released, and UConn has already rebounded the ball by the time the ref reacted and then motioned for the timeout.

Here's why it's so controversial; the ref is watching the play of the game, not Boeheim. Now, if I shout out to someone I will get a near instantaneous reaction from that person - a head flich, a hand movement, something. It's clear in watching the video that the ref never reacted until the ball was rebounded. So he was not aware Boeheim wanted the timeout until after the fact, but decided he was in Syracuse and better give it to him anyway. If the game is in Storrs Boeheim doesn't get that call.

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