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Colts' Super Bowl appearance creates a bit of a situation for the schools

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indy-schools-delay.JPGIndianapolis Public Schools have altered its plans to delay school for two hours on Monday, the day after the Super Bowl, after state officials said this wasn't such a great idea.

Instead, all the round-faced boys and girls of Indy will get to come in an hour later. Classes will then run a half-hour later than usual.

The Peyton Manning-like audible over the schedule is an attempt to avoid a repeat of the day after the Colts' 2007 Super Bowl victory, when a whole boatload of bus drivers called in sick.

To be fair, I'm sure there were a fair amount of Bears fans struggling the next morning as well. But this is the city that works, after all.
The proposed two-hour delay would have shortened the school session past what is required for it to count as a full day. Thankfully, someone out there is thinking of the children's education.

I'm glad they got it all worked out, but it's sort of comical how something as mundane as two hours of missed classes can cause such a hubbub. I seem to recall a ridiculous amount of time wasted day after day during school. Then again, that's probably part of the reason you guys are always correcting my grammar.

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