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Barry Melrose and some rather interesting "First Take" comments

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If you've ever wondered what ESPN hockey analyst Barry Melrose uses to manage his face, today was a big day for you.

The perfectly-mulleted one was asked on "First Take" how he manages to look so young in a predictably wacky and off-the-cuff moment.

The problem is that Melrose's answer was, to put it mildly, unpredictable.

"Chicken s---," he said.

A somewhat surprised host Jay Crawford tried to give Melrose a chance to clarify what he had to assume was a slip of the tongue.

"What's that," he asked.

Melrose, without a beat, said "chicken s---" again.

Dana Jacobson apologized for the naughty words later in the broadcast because Melrose was presumably employing his unsanitary beauty ritual somewhere else.

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I didn't think he was serious until he started talking about how long to leave it on your face Barry Melrose is quite a character

Barry, Sorry that you boyfriend lost last night. I know it hurts. But now you will have more time to spend together xxxxoooo!

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