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Video: Boise State's Cowbell Girl is decade's most enduring image

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Currently, there are 13 minutes left in the Fiesta Bowl and it is tied 10-10. Surely, something exciting will happen and a hero will emerge.

But no player will be able to hold a candle to the undisputed star of this battle of unbeatens.

That's right, we're talking about Cowbell Girl.

We may never know her name, but for approximately 10 seconds of on-air time, this Boise State band member reignited America's love of the cowbell.

Stand aside, Christopher Walken, there's a new sheriff in town.

Initially, I remarked on her apparent lack of enthusiasm for the cameras, but it's been brought to my attention by some jubilant -- and angry at the same time -- Boise backers that she's visually impaired. So, it looks like I'll be going directly to hell.

If that's the case, it's an even better, even more enduring image.

Play on, Cowbell Girl. Play on. 

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She is blind, she has a seeing-eye dog that is with her on campus everyday.

Dont be a jerk. She's a blind student who goes to Boise State University.

Yeah jerk, she's blind, so she can't show emotion. Jerk.

Kyle responds: For the camera.

You might be redeamed if enough people get pissed off to assault you until she goes viral.

Im in the going to Hell boat. Felt so bad about my reaction last night I wrote a letter of apology to the band director and cowbell girl at Boise State.

Since when can blind people not show emotion? Has anyone ever seen Stevie Wonder?

In retrospect, this whole incident shows the attitude BSU has regarding all of their students--they take people that aren't necessarily the best and make them better. This applies to their football team, and it even applies to little blind girls that want a place in the band.

By the way, the gal next to Blind Cowbell Girl is handicapped, too. She has two crutches that she uses to get around campus.

The person on crutches, next to the blind cow girl, is a wonderful young man named Carlos.

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