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UFC fighter Brock Lesnar calls Canada a 'Third World country'

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Brock-Lesnar-100209.jpgUltimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar finally weighed in on the Canadian health care system yesterday in press conference announcing his return to fighting after a bout with diverticulitis.

Lesnar described his harrowing illness, which reportedly struck him while hunting in Manitoba, and the subsequent quality of care he received north of the border.

"I love Canada," said Lesnar. "Some of the best people and best hunting in the world, but I wasn't in the right facility."

"They couldn't do nothing for me," he added. "It was like I was in a Third World country, I just looked at my wife and she saved my life and I had to get out of there."

That wife? Why, it's former WWE wrestling superstar Sable.

Of course it is.
Lesnar, a self-described "carnivore, says his diverticulitis was brought on by his all-protein diet.

For those of you who aren't doctors, that's when saclike herniations form on the outside of the colon and become inflamed.

It sound just miserable.

The fighting enthusiast used these herniations to stump against the health care bill. This is America, after all.

"The only reason I'm mentioning this, I'm mentioning it to the United States of America because President Obama is looking for health care reform and I don't want it ... I'm speaking on behalf of Americans, I'm speaking on behalf of our doctors in the United States that don't want this to happen and neither do I."
Glad he's OK, but not sure how much credence he should be given on this issue. He's comparing treatment from the Mayo Clinic to what is believed to be a rural outpost in Manitoba.

Not exactly a fair fight.

We'll see if the notorious nice people of Canada take umbrage with any of this.

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C'mon pal. You were at a rural hunting lodge in Manitoba? What sort of health-care facilities do you think you will get near a rural hunting lodge? I am Canadian and I will be the first to tell you it isn't perfect here. However I accept that while we might not have the best of the best my family won't be homeless if I get sick.

Obviously he wasn't at the Heath Sciences Center in Winnipeg where they actually bring frozen drowning victims back from the dead. Let's get something straight, Canada has single payer, BHO's plan is forced health insurance as with forced auto insurance. Let's also not forget how many different diagnosis' came out of the experts in Ameriker, flu, then mono, ect...

Lesnar is a moron. He had a condition that had gone misdiagnosed by his US physician for more than a year & it's the kind of condition that can kill you quickly and very painfully once it flares up.

His lodge was in the middle of nowhere with the nearest town 3 hours away and even that had a total population of less than 6,000. Even with a medical system like the US, the facility would still be very small.

If you're going to be so fragile Lesnar, don't play by yourself in the scary woods.

Andrew, Mr. Lesner went to Brandon Hospital to receive medical treatment. My theory is that he expected the royal treatment and for a not-so-well known individual he wasn’t given what he expected. When he quickly realised everyone is treated equal no matter how much money you make or what profession you are in, he had to get back to a country where he did matter. I can only assume the phrases "Do you know who I am" or "I deserve the best" came out of his mouth more than once on this visit, but of course that is only speculation. How it possible is that one person put the competency of a medical facility, which has helped thousands of individuals, in question when it sounds like he didn’t even let them attempt to help him. The only comments I have heard so far regarding the health care reform are from wealthy celebrities, who don’t have to worry about being able to afford the luxury of a simple office visit to your Doctor. I think the idea of being grouped with the “average” person is scary for someone who is used to preferential treatment. I guess there weren’t enough rooms with views in Brandon to satisfy Mr. Lesner.

Brock you have received one to many shots to your head (brain). May be you should get that checked in your preferred hospital before you go completely nuts and you forget that you are in USA and start calling USA a Third World country or something. Please....

Is anyone willing to ask why the Mayo Clinic operates in the US and not in Canada? How did the Mayo Clinic become so much better than state run hospitals in Canada?

"third world country" huh? Methinks Mr. Lesnar doesn't use his brain much, what's left of it that is. Douche.

commenting on the entire Canadian health care system after visiting one small regional hospital?? and after American doctors had apparently misdiagnosed him for over a year? c'mon, there's more holes in his story than in his colon. this is a non-story.

"he had to get back to a country where he did matter".

Canada is the most anti-American country on earth. The SOB's probably had it in for the guy

Why do we give a rats ass about this guys opinion on health care?

"They couldn't do nothing for me"

Maybe he has been hit in the head one too many times. I think he is trying to say "They could'nt do ANYTHING for me", or "They COULD do nothing for me". But "They couldn't do nothing for me" means literally they could only do everything. They only thing they couldnt do, was nothing.

If we want advice on how to best chokeslam someone, Lesnar might get the nod. Advice on how to best provide health care to a nation, i'm probably not going to pay attention to the guy that beats people up for a living.

It really is too bad that guys like this perpetuate the U.S. stereotype. Ignorant, rude, redneck who can't even form proper sentences.

It's people like Lesnar who are holding back regular American citizens from getting better care. He has the money, so if he doesn't like the care he's receiving in the States or Canada or wherever he is, he can just fly elsewhere (or, in his words make a phone call, cuss someone out, and get a jet sent for him. HMMM. Yes, I'm sure that's what every American can do when they're feeling ill. Serves the idiot right.

If you don't like Canada because you were not treated like a superstar and JUST an equal to everyone else...don't come back!

As part of the American "leisure class" Brock really doesn't have anything to gain from a national health care system. It's really the much larger middle and working class that should pay close attention to the issue.

When my daughter was 1 year old she was diagnosed with liver cancer. I was 24 years old, working part time as a freelance graphic designer and had no insurance other than my national health care. Within three weeks of the diagnosis she was beginning chemo. Within six months the entire ordeal was over and she was in full recovery. She's now 13 years old and in perfect health and getting regular checkups and I've never had to take out my wallet once. Canadian health care is some of the best in the world even in my neck of the woods (Nova Scotia Canada).

If I were living in the US this would have been the personal and financial ruin of my life.

Americans would do a lot better if they paid less attention to the bogus threat of terrorism and demanded that their government put it's $600 billion military budget toward healing people. I know, I know, it sounds all wussy and stuff... but it really is the best way to build a civilization.

I agree that Lesner is not an intellectual heavyweight, and that his comments should be dissmissed as nothing more than a personal account of his own experience. I admire the fact that he admitted he has a position on the current debate, many Americans are looking to this country for guidance, or at least a example.
I feel the Canadian healthcare system, that everyone is so universally proud of, is a myth. I have heard so many personal stories of failure of this system to provide professional and timely care that I think the whole thing should be scrapped.
My question to the readers here is simple.... what do you do with a carpenter who cannot complete a project on time, the way it should appear, with additional costs, that is built no assurances of standing up to the first wind that comes along.
Our doctors are elistist, white collar bums, with both hands in the governments pockets.

Truth be told, Mr. Koster, I'm not sure how much credibility YOU deserve on the issue since you've purposely altered the facts to impugn Lesnar. The Mayo Clinic is not in North Dakota, which is where he was driven.

He simply received tests at Mayo after the fact.

You fail.

poor dumb hick lesnar , perhaps you will get sicker and run out of money and not be able to pay for your health care in the land of milk and honey . in canada working people dont have to watch their realatives die because the cant sell all their assets to pay for medical treatment or just because they are poor . maybe your pain is karma for your attitude about health care . hunt in the states where you belong cause you sure dont belong here in the true north strong and free. dumb fuck

I understand that steroid use can cause this particular stomach ailment.

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