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Tiger Woods shirtless on the cover of Vanity Fair's February issue

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tiger-woods-vanity-fair.jpgVanity Fair is plastering a shirtless Tiger Woods on the cover of its February issue.

The photos were taken by the incomparable Annie Leibovitz before the mistress scandal erupted and the cover story is written by Pulitzer Prize-winning Buzz Bissinger.

"Tiger is an intensely competitive athlete--and quite serious about his sport," Leibovitz says of the candid photos. "I wanted to reveal that in these photos. And to show his incredible focus and dedication."

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omg - he is GROSS! now i see why he had to pay for it!

Timing on this is probably not the best. He is without a doubt the most overexposed person on the planet. Any mention of him makes my stomach sick.

I buy VF every month, but if I get this one I will have to toss the cover. That is one of the most hideous photos I have ever seen.

DUDE.......he looks better with clothes on!

Perhaps National Geographic would be more appropriate.

The timing is actually perfect. There's a huge scramble to make money off of the Tiger saga. Vanity Fair will probably make a fair dollar from this spread.

Vanity Fair must be desperate for sales. Guess what? I'm not buying.

I always thought Vanity Fair was a classy magazine. You really dropped the ball this time!

Tiger Woods looks terrible. He looks like a thug and a madman. He looks fat and not fit although he is trying to make himself appear muscular by trying to hold in his abs. If Vanity Fair thinks they are going to sell this magazine, they are wrong. I would not purchase this magazine with Tiger's picture on it...the man is overexposed and everybody is not a fan of his. Tiger Woods is a fake and nothing is going to make people believe otherwise.

Tiger's story is becoming more like the Biblical Sampson story with every passing moment. Sampson's enemies made a circus like sideshow attraction of him after Delilah betrayed him. He lost everything: his honor, his family and his great strength. All because he fell in with "filthy floozies". Tragic photo of a desperate male, Tiger Woods, who obviously knew somewhere deep inside his horrific choices were putting him on a highly destructive path! Look at his eyes. Desperate and tragic! Incredibly sad!

Tiger you don't come close. David Beckam will not be replaced on my wall of men I lust after in my advancing years.

No name (do not want to embarrass my children or for that matter my grandchildren)

Honey, he could parade around wearing nothing but his Levi Johnson & I still wouldn't be interested. Talk about being rode hard & put away wet. That guy is a walking disease factory.

Blah, blah, blah.........people need to stop lying and admit they are looking at this photo like one would a car wreck....tragic yet still rubbernecking. I am sure plenty of people will be using this photo for personal pleasure.......

I have to wonder just what in the Hell ole Tiger was thinking when he posed for this dumb picture. He must have thought that he was immune to almost anything as he was screwing one babe after another at the time this picture was taken. With his clothes off he looks
like he works in the coal mines wearing that stupid looking stocking cap. Lets do the math on his conquests and find out how much each screw with each bimbo has now cost him. Lets say he screwed 15 bimbos 30 times each thats 450 screws. He will now be paying his soon to be former wife Elin at least 150 million. This comes out to over 330 thousand dollars per screw. I think he would have been better off going to high class call girls where he could have used a phony name. Unless, his buddy Michael Jordan told him to pay these 15 babes off and he was too cheap to follow MJ's advice.

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