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The University of Alaska-Fairbanks hockey video will melt your face off

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I've never had reason to attend a hockey game at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.

That all changed this morning, when this ridiculous video was brought to my attention. Apparently, this is the pre-game introduction played at the Carlson Center before the Nanooks get their skate on.

If you've ever decried the lack of polar-bears-nuking-the-world videos in this world, your day has come.

If it doesn't get you pumped up, you need to check your pulse. If it does, stay tuned for road-trip-to-Alaska details.

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this is the most awesome thing ever made. Needs some Seagal, but nearly a perfect video.

Dont know if you caught it, but that crazy bear blows up Michigan State among other schools. I believe we were the first target as well. What does Alaska have against us Spartans?

Well, I suppose you have the terrorist inclinations, with blowing up THE Ohio State University and Michigan State... (Notre Dame... not as much) and the whole South Park/Scientology rift with the volcanoes.....

Umm fires me up for a hockey game... fo sho

Man, you had me all pumped out to see the video and then when I clicked play it said video removed by user! Bummer

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