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The Bears would like to thank you for sticking with them this year

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bears-ad-chicago.jpgA day after completing a lackluster 7-9 season with a win over woeful Detroit, the Chicago Bears apologized to fans with ads in both our paper and the Tribune.

OK, maybe technically it's a thank-you note, but it kind of reads like an apology. And I know lots of you out there would prefer if it were an apology note.

"In a season where we did not perform at our best, we are further humbled by the fact that our fans stepped up and did their part," the ad said in part. "You played your role in the team perfectly.

Aww, that's nice. That ought to wash the putrid taste of a third straight playoff-less season right out of the collective mouth of Bear backers.

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No need for thanks just improve this team & bring both the Halas & Lombardi trophies to Chicago maybe even keep both of these trophies here for the next decade. Tough times and challenges make you stronger in the long run so play tough, play with passion & have fun. Bear down

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