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The BCS title game streaker had an interesting wardrobe

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bcs-streaker.jpgBecause no championship would be complete without some unpredictability,  a streaker interrupted play during the BCS championship game  -- giving the Rose Bowl crowd a laugh and us a chance to judge his ridiculous outfit.

Early in the third quarter, a man in a skin-tight yellow top and black underwear raced onto the field. Viewers at home had to settle for Brent Musburger calling him an idiot, but those lucky enough to be at the game were privy to an advertisement for a porn Web site on his back and a Howard Stern logo on his backside.

He also evidently tried a cartwheel at some point, but this would suggest it wasn't so graceful.


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Isn't nudity a prerequisite for streaking? Since he's clothed, isn't this dude just a trespasser?

I'll take a clothed streaker over a naked trespasser any day:-) What ever he is, it was not pretty! lol

I was at this game with my family. The guy came out of nowhere and just ran around all he wanted.

It was like security wasn't even there - They just seemed to stand around and watch. Thank God it´╗┐ was some idiot, and not a serious security threat.

Did anybody hear this dude's album on
itunes? Ha, you know it's pretty
dog on interesting.. he seems really
passionate about standing up to the
infinitely corrupted BCS organization

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