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San Diego Chargers' Vincent Jackson pulled over, handcuffed before playoff game

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vincent-jackson.JPGSan Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson, who we last saw catching seven passes and kicking challenge flags in his team's loss to the New York Jets Sunday, was evidently pulled over by police and handcuffed while en route to the game.

San Diego Police Department spokesman Gary Hassen confirmed the officer pulled over Jackson's vehicle as he was heading to the team's Murphy Canyon-area facility early Sunday morning because he was playing loud music. The officer reported Jackson's vehicle tags were expired and learned Jackson was driving on a suspended license, which is a misdemeanor.

According to Hassen, Jackson was taken out of his vehicle and handcuffed for a short period of time. With the choice to take Jackson to jail or cite him, the officer cited the wide receiver and impounded his vehicle, Hassen said.
Jackson has been convicted once and charged a second time with driving under the influence.

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Huh, the San Diego Police REALLY don't even like their own players, let alone Jets fans!

Three field goals "THREE" if he would have just made one! what i dont understand is if you watch it close his whole body language is different from when he usually kicks. huh check his account that fool was paid. no one sucks that bad or do they. Wait didnt he do that in another playoff game? New England......

Jackson proud to be at Pro Bowl

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