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Peyton Manning wins NFL MVP, Chris Johnson gets 0 votes

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chris-johnson-mvp.JPGIndianapolis Colts quarterback and champion of subtle commercial humor Peyton Manning won his record fourth NFL MVP award today.

In all honesty, it's probably the right choice, but it wouldn't be a subjective award without a little bit of online controversy. And the fact that Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson received zero first-place votes is providing it.

The second-year stud rushed for 2,006 yards and scored 16 total touchdowns for his team, in one of the more impressive years for a running back in recent memory.

It brings up that old question of what "most valuable" really means. Is it the best player on the best team? The most outstanding player on a "good" team? The player most valuable to his specific team.

While Johnson has none of these answers for us, he did provide some levity with a tweet this morning that read, "Do any body got payton address I got to go get my award."

Clearly Manning can't be the MVP if the league's premier players don't even know how to spell to his first name.

Do you think Johnson should have gotten some love from the voters or did the Titans' lackluster season eliminate him from consideration?

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Manning winning this award is a joke! Brees, Johnson, Rivers, Favre and Revis all did more for their teams this year than manning did for the colts.
But what can you expect from the AP.. a group that elected a nascar driver as male athlete of the year and nearly elected a horse as the female athlete of the year..
Guess it really does pay extra to be a manning in this league..

A good player on a non-playoff team is not going to win the award. The comment by Schram is ludicrous. Schram needs to see how the Colts are without Manning to see how valuable he is to his team.

Yeah, if you don't think Manning is the most valuable player, then you don't know enough about football to make comments on it.

they should change the name of the award to third best quarterback obviously isnt the Most valuable player to his team award....because indy backup is so bad makes manning look like jesus.... that indy d is still great. ther most valuable player to his team is chris johnson. if not for him, the titans may have gone 0-16.

schram dont forget rodgers

hey barney, so if the patriots add the ice cream man to be backup qb does that automatically make tom brady mvp?

16 ints and a sub 100 qb rating!!! steve young should have several mvps by those numbers

4th time for Manning? Please. Favre, Brees, Rivers... all better than Manning. The MVP means nothing now. I don't understand why Manning is so revered. I'm not sure the AP pays attention to anybody else and that is difficult with Manning being in every commercial. What a letdown.

Brees Rivers and Favre have a combined 1 super bowl win. Manning has 1 as well, and in most of the past 10 years had a very sub par defense and had to carry the team on his back. In the process the colts have posted a historic record 7 straight seasons with 12 or more victories, and 10 of the last 11 seasons with 10 or more victories. Look it up Jennifer. Quit your whining and give the man some props.

Everyone who thinks Chris Johnson should have won the mvp award is dumb, Chris Johnson was tearing it up and his team was 0-6. Vince young came back and led them to some victories.

BtotheB, you are the reason why the MVP award means nothing anymore. You look at it as a historical award, just like what happened a few years ago in the NBA when it went to Kobe, he had a sub-par year but won the award because, 'he had been so close before.' Manning, also had a sub-par year, didn't lead in any meaningful statistical numbers, but won due to the fact he had a few 'inexperienced' receivers, yet, he still had two of the biggest targets in the game via Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. This is a ridiculous debate. We could base the winner off December historical numbers and Phillip Rivers would have won it hands down. Stop picking apart the history of what people have done and look at the here and now!

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