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Ozzie Guillen and Carlos Zambrano star in commercial

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Carlos Zambrano and Ozzie Guillen -- as seen in this older commercial -- have an on-screen chemistry that is understandable in any language.

Crosstown rivals Carlos Zambrano and Ozzie Guillen have teamed up to star in a soft drink commercial airing in their native Venezuela.

The ad, which is shown during breaks of Venezuelan Winter League baseball games, shows Zambrano arguing with an umpire and getting ejected. He then apparently tosses the baseball in disgust.

It's like that role was specifically tailored for him.

The Cubs right-hander is then joined by Guillen and fellow countryman Bobby Abreu of the Los Angeles Angels, who all enjoy a laugh.

Considering the off-season weight loss Zambrano debuted at the Cubs Convention, he's opting for the diet soda.

While Zambrano's acting chops probably won't win him any awards, his performance on the mound has drawn Guillen's admiration.

"Zambrano, to me, is one of the best pitchers in the game," Guillen said before his White Sox faced his co-star in a game last season. "And I love, love the way he handles himself on the field. Many people say he's crazy, he's out of his mind. I love that, I like that attitude. Baseball needs people like that."

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Uh, this commercial is like two years old already...

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